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  1. Good Bar in Coral Gables area??

    thanks alot guys, the bar and sunset tavern sound cool. anything in the gables and grove area is good.
  2. Good Bar in Coral Gables area??

    anyone have any suggestions. i'm looking for a quiet place where 2 people can share a drink and talk.
  3. Fashion tips

    yeah, i may need a visit from the fab 5 b/c i'm feeling like a fashion disaster right now. I think I would dig that T-shirt diesel/puma look though. Any good hair salons in the MIA anyone can recommend?
  4. Fashion tips

    cool good suggestions. Marshalls in downtown is pretty good.
  5. Fashion tips

    OK, I've decided my clubbing wardrobe needs updating. Any suggestions? I'm a guy in my early 20s 5'10 160 lbs. Anyone know of any good labels or inexpensive places to shop where I can get some nice gear??? I usually frequent blue, crobar, space and the like. Thanks.. BTW where can I get those funky ass club glasses??
  6. Does Space have a lost and found?

    I know I'm probably SOL, but I was wondering if anyone knows how to contact Space. I lost my cell phone there last weekend and I was wondering if anyone found it.
  7. Hardstyle?

    yeah definitely hit me up your friends are gonna play
  8. Hardstyle?

    I can only hope. What a fresh sound.
  9. Hardstyle?

    not really, just wondering if they played that stuff since I've been away for about 9 months and wouldn't know. I wouldn't think the city is not ready. Someone probably needs to just throw it on at a few parties. I think it would definitely catch on.
  10. Hardstyle?

    damn that sux. I was jamming to a DJ Pavo CD the other day and I was just picturing how insane this type of beat would be at a venue like space. Oh well maybe next year's WMC will bring in somebody.
  11. Hardstyle?

    Anyone know where I can go in Miami to listen to some good hardstyle. Just got back from Italy and I was wondering if any club plays this type of music here.
  12. Show some love if you run across me...