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  1. Boris @ Crobar, Sat 12/10

    Is this an extended set?...what time ...about..is boris spinning until?
  2. DJ Boris @ Crobar, 8/20

    What time will Boris be spinning until...?? about...??
  3. Is Sizzahandz spining w/ Scribbles or Mendez?? and how much hip hop will be played?
  4. Mario - you are spinning from 5-8.. so Boris is not starting until 8?? Do U know what time they are staying open until? Last time Calderone was at Crobar Disco closed VERY early.. i think around 9:30...but that also could have been b/c u and boris were not there
  5. 1-Year Anniversary of Boris @ Crobar, 5/14

    What time is Boris spinning until? Will NYPD be making an appearance again?
  6. Studio 4 question

    Can you just pull into the hotel parking lot and park in the hotel's parking garage??? I heard there is no more vallet parking??
  7. What Studio 4 Were You At Friday Nite?

    Why put THAT much money into a sound system if you are going to play HEY MICKEY! Who cares if your sound system sounds sick if your playing Bon Jovi - I can go to my neighborhood bar to hear Summer of 69. Even the energy felt like a college bar. I am very surprised Petey would put out a venue like this..and Richie would play KTU music. I too had to wait over an hour to get my car..as did hundreds of other people too. I'm suprised fights didn't break out. The wait was so chaotic that there was a girl there who was waiting for her car that decided to direct traffic. THe club looks nice inside, I just don't understand the track selection...especially since it was opening weekend, and i would think you would play your better music so people would come back. So is that your good music? Can someone explain this to me? I miss metro roll call!!!!
  8. Crobar tickets?

    Does anyone know where i can buy tix for crobar this sat.?
  9. .. I can't wait!!!! I hope they open up soon.. anyone know??
  10. I hope to see John Traina and Vivacious at STUDio 4!!!
  11. ..go early..get stamped..leave..and cum back later?? P.S. - I missed Merge a lot this summer..and so did many others.. I don't get why people go to XS..its is HORRIBLE!..the music is aweful and so is the crowd.. i don't get how a DJ can be THAT bad.
  12. There used to be advertisements for a party bus leaving from NOrth Jersey to seaside. "Why drive, when u can take the party bus" --- what ever happened to that..and are they ..or whoever..having that this weekend..any info...?
  13. GEORGE - what time is JP spinning ( i know doors open at 7:00)--and who's spinning first, if he's not going on at 7:00?
  14. What time is Vicious spinning at Avalon?

    cancalled?? who's spinning there now than?
  15. Does anyone know what time Vicious is starting to spin?