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  1. crystal dick?

    WARNING... THIS THREAD CONTAINS GRAPHIC SUBJECT MATTER RELATING TO MY TINY, BATTERED, FLACID PENIS anyone have any info on this (impotence on meth)? man this is fucking brutal guys... i've had similar problems on coke, even to the point where i'm too amped to take a piss, let alone get it up....but i deal... but now this? and the worst thing is the extreme fucking shrinkage!!....the last couple of days my cock has seriously been smaller than my pinky finger.....the entire time.... there had to have been like 50 folds in the skin on my now 1-2" wang.... and under closer inspection it just looked fuckin nasty! ..like fuckin yellow-brownish coloration in some parts.... real fuckin raw and tender and slightly numb to the touch.... and bruised looking and shit......then you start to sweat a little bit and....yeah..... just fucking sick. granted i was high, so i coulda been hallucinating....which happens all the time... but damn.... it didn't look too healthy.... anyone else experience this shit? please say yes! the impotence thing sucks but the extreme perma-shrinkage and visual deterioration are what really bother me... it doesn't look too healthy right now... so any info, or educated guesses on the shrinkage and physical deterioration would be greatly appreciated.... and again, sorry about the graphic nature of this post i just have to find out what's going on...thanks
  2. cant piss on coke?

    dude....this is what i'm talkin about....i get that feeling like the piss is practically at the tip of my dick.....then i'm standing over the toilet for like 10 minutes....squeezing with all my might and all i get is a couple of fuckin drops....and i got no "power" to sustain any flow then if i'm lucky at the end of the night and i manage to get it up and bust a nut....i get like a premature ejaculation thing goin on....not like two pumps and i'm done....but most of my load will leak out before i even orgasm so i blow my load... AND THEN a couple of seconds after i'll feel my orgasm....somethings not right with my muscles down there for sure - they've gotta be related....and this only happens when im coked up.....and i drink constantly when im amped to battle the drip too....so i should be pissing all night.....and it doesnt matter if i'm at the bar or at home alone.....its the same shit everytime..... ah well...looks like nobody knows. guess i'll hafta deal with it....thanks anyways guys
  3. cant piss on coke?

    why is it so hard for me to take a leak when i'm coked up? no matter how much water or beer i down at the bar...i cant squeeze it out, even though it feels like i have to.... any medical-type explanations for this?