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  1. Klienenberg @ Space Terrace

    Nope...it's a different track.
  2. Klienenberg @ Space Terrace

    How the visuals and the music coincided was cool. "THIS IS NOT MIAMI" I Would love to get a hold of that accapella.
  3. Klienenberg @ Space Terrace

    I think Roland came on after Sander, and hes usually on point technically. I was too tired at that point so I didnt catch any of his set. I think i'll have to get the Oscar G cd now. Thanks Sander!!
  4. Klienenberg @ Space Terrace

    Hmm...that sounds weird...im not saying its not true...but to play an Oscar G Cd in his home is pretty stupid. He had to know someone would notice...Maybe he needed a break from mixing, maybe he was too fucked up?? I agree a dj of that caliber should never do that, but he did spin for like 7 hours (with tom novy) and it doesn't take away from my night.
  5. Klienenberg @ Space Terrace

    Sander and Tom Novy was the highlight of my WMC...I thought the signs they were passing out were pretty cool and people seemed to be up for it. That was a pretty nice edit of of Hey Ya by Outkast to end the set as well. Am I hallucinating or did I hear Hide You? Someone tell me which mix it was.
  6. Klienenberg @ Space Terrace

    Yes I need to know that track. It had like a pitched down vocal that kept repeating "This is not Miami" with the words on the screens. Him and Tom Novy were ripping it up especially after sunrise. I think I also heard a new remix of Kosheen's Hide You. The Beastie Boys song was the Matthew Dekay and DJ Remy mix of intergalactic. But the track of the night for me was this song with a female vocal that kept repeating something like "I want to be your girlfriend, will you be my boyfriend?" over and over. That track was sick! I think he dropped it around 7-8. Overall this was the highlight of my WMC....great vibe...people seemed to be really into in well into the morning...I was so tired, that I had to leave when Roland came on. Someone fill me on on the id's please!!