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  1. Voyeuristic Cops Are On South Beach

    There are some voyeuristic cops on south beach,they like to drive in back of Penrods and other areas to watch the fun people have sex.I was down there last week and was looking for my friends on the beach and a guy told me to be careful because he thought I liked to watch but I didn't need to watch because I had my own action to get ready for.The guy told me that a cop arrested a guy for watching,this is so not right,this guy was doing the exact same thing those cops are doing,if the cops can watch so can he,I hopPEe this guy knew his rights and that he did nothing wrong,I hope he has sense enough to file a complaint.The beach is a public place and they just can't arrest a guy for watching something on a public beach. Me and my friends played with one of the cops,they kept moving and the cop kept following,they finally layed down as if they were getting ready to go at it and the cop was trying to get in the perfect position to get a good view,it was so funny.The cop was really determined to get him a good show,he'd get out his car and watch with his binoculars and when he saw an unsuspecting couple he'd tip toe up on them.You guys need to come up with a code to alert others when the cops are riding by so these cops won't be able to enjoy themselves so much,whistle or say something so people will stop what they're doing when the cops are near. I bet a lot of you guys down there thought that the cops were driving on the beach to protect you but now you know the truth,they are there to get aroused and play with themselves while they are supposed to be working,I wish I could get paid and watch sex on the beach,I'd get fired though because I'd try to get some action instead of watching. For all of you guys that are not getting any action and like to watch others on the beach you need to file a complaint if the cops arrest you,you have a right to watch anything that happens on a public beach,file your complaint,talk to a lawyer,you could get some money for your troubles with the cops because they've wrong you,if the cops can watch you can watch.