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  1. I asked a question here a few weeks ago about using a VIP host from lasvegas.com to get into ghostbar. People said they had used them. I contacted ghostbar and tehy said they were not aware of any services through lasvegas.com and the only way to get VIP there was to get a table. So what's the deal...anyone know?
  2. VIP host from lasvegas.com

    so no one's ever done this??? I'd really liek to know before I purchase it if it's worth it.
  3. VIP host from lasvegas.com

    Has anyone ever bought any of the VIP host packages through Lasvegas.com? I was thinking of buying the $75 VIP host and dinner reservation package for ghostbar and wasn't sure it was worth it. I am probably going 4th of July weekend (waiting for confirmation...I won a trip through Clear Channel here in Rochester, NY) and would probably go Saturday the 3rd. If I want a gurantee that I will get in, is the VIP host the way to go?