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  1. Best party of wmc

    Hope at Shine -- Dave Seaman took the cake! SOS Balance launch party at Pawn Shop -- those guys build the vibe from downtempo 16b type stuff into an all out tech house assault SAW recordings party -- Satoshie was funny and consistent as usual Remix Beatport Parties -- all days I think I closed down everything!
  2. Just a few things. I was so looking forward to this party, more than any other of conference. What these guys have done over the years has meant a lot to me, and being part of that night was a big deal. The crowd was amazing -- realest of the real, musically educated and passionate about music. It was one of those nights that will go down as a great memory for some time to come. Classic tunes all around. Jon, thanks for putting it together. Get at least one of these guys to come here at least 2x per year and we can make a lot of people happy. I really do think there is enough local support from "those in the know." I haven't posted on here in almost two or three years...wow, it takes something like this to inspire me, and all the other old school progressive heads. Omar G
  3. yeah Penton Tarantella And Marcus Schulz would be a good start I would come out to support any of them.
  4. By the way....

    I mentioned eariler today I was spinning Karma in Lauderdale tonight starting at 10 -- just wanted to mention that its as far awy from SOBE (for the purposes of this weekend). Yet another reason to come and check me out! I really do hope to see some of you there! Omar G
  5. Oh yeah Mark Ivan is on spinning after me and he is positively SICK. Easily my favorite dj down here in south florida. Booyaa!!! Omar G
  6. The dj known as Omar G, from 10-???? rocking the flo' at the lounge known as Karma in downtown fort lauderdale at the corner or andrews and las olas (at riverfront circle right cross from automatic slims). Come catch one of south florida's best underground progressive house spinners throw down a rare four+ hour extended set What the hell will you be hearing?! : --funky, chunky, groovy, drivin, tribal, techy, melodic, electro booty shaking progressive house, funky, proggy atmospheric breaks. New cuts from d-nox Darko Chris Micali Onionz d formation bakony scamp noel sanger stel chris lake perry o'neil pleasurebox joshua collins chab Paul Rogers Hernan Cerbello Loudeast Emjae Kobbe and Leeds Ozgur Can and WAY more. You get the picture! Used to hearing the standard electro house filler by your average south florids djs?? -- well I dont play filler. period. Ive put a lot of work into selecting tracks for this gig so its going to be well worth the effort. I listen to about 50 -100 releases a week and pick carefully, sometimes nothing if nothing is good! Look, I hardly ever post on here although ive been a member since 2001. If you are in downtown lauderdale tonight, please stop by. Im offering you an alternative to 90% of the generic dance music you hear played here in SF or anywhere. If you want to hear serious underground, well programmed and harmonically mixed beats, then I will see you there. Where: Karma Lounge (corner of andrews and las olas, cross from slims) Cover: None Dress code: relaxed, but use your discrection Free shot: YES Drink prices: way cheaper than sky bar!!! Ive been spinning for seven years, but since most of you havent heard much from me: SHOW A NEW(ly heard of) DJ SOME LOVE. Sounds Like (I guess you call these influences) : Jonathan Lisle, Nick Warren, Ozgur Can, Cattaneo, Sander K That cant be an unheard of concept here, can it! Lets try and improve our scene by supporting up and comers rather than whinging about how the scene is dying around here. People like myself (and others) are trying to breathe new life into it. We need your help to keep non commericial music alive. And for you to come shake your rear end. -Omar G 8) http://www.myspace.com/omar_g Check out my my space page if you want to get a further feel for my taste in beats or download mixes
  7. Who here uses DISCOGS?

    yeah there are some problems with the site that apparently cant be fixed, but they are coming out with version 2.0 soon enough. Anyway, you can find the exact release you need. Thats useful since some releases come out on multiple labels -- you can find the exact one you have. I've been going to the site for a while but only recently undertoook uploading my collection peace, omar
  8. Who here uses DISCOGS?

    Its really amazing now that they have most labels fully cataloged. As a dj you can upload your whole collection. I encourage you Miami djs to do so, so that we can trade on a local level. Its like the biggest record database on earth, so use it! check out my profile: http://www.discogs.com/~DJOmar_G
  9. Discogs

    Do any of you have a profile on discogs? If you dj its an amazing tool for indexing your collection online. Heres my collection: http://www.discogs.com/~DJOmar_G
  10. How Old...

    well...im 26. Looks like most people here are in their 20s.
  11. is anyone on this board.....

    To be honest, although I only recently found this board, I already have no expectations of finding anything worthwhile here. All its good for is reading the constant trashing/trash talking, so keep it up. Im happy to be a part of that.
  12. Who here djs?

    just curious. Why wouldnt I want to know? After all, this is a dance music board. Are you really that unfriendly?
  13. Who here djs?

    I posted this just to see who djs...I guess you are not mature enough to answer a simple question. Are you fucking ADD or something?
  14. is anyone on this board.....

    over 20 years old and not cracked out of their skull? Seems like a bunch of kiddies posting on here. Is that true, or is it just that most people from Miami have about a fifth grade education? I see more rubbish than talking about djs, clubs, production, styles, ect...
  15. More Bad Behavior By Miami Door Staff at WMC....

    This is a forum for the Miami clubgoing public and its good to get varying perspectives on this issue. Myself, I dont go anywhere unless I know a promoter who can whisk me in no problem. I dont like drama or asshole door staff. But during WMC the local promoters take a back seat so you're left dealing directly with the clubs door staff or some foreign promotion crew. Lets face it, clubs here dont care about organization. In London and elsewhere (where there are big club scenes), the club has people form a line so that its not a mob free for all. That way you are rewarded if you get there early. I got to the Bedrock party at 10 hoping to get in early and beat the rush but they let no one in. Like total idiots, they let a mob form outside and people shoved and pushed their way forward. I didnt get in so I went to see Timo which was great anyways. The point is.... People are going out to have fun, no be pancaked between sweaty punters for hours on end. The 'civil' thing to do is to create a line so that ORDER exists. But Miami being a savage and barbaric place, order simply cannot exist so bedlam ensues. Its too bad that people out of town are consistently left with such a bad taste in their mouth. Lets face it: doors in Miami are run in the most unethical way possible. Taking bribes is unethical and clubs just dont care. Nerve is no different so dont pretend its above the rest. Lets face it: door staff like the chaos because the want they bribes. Most of you are greedy scum and I think we who have lived in MIA for too long are desensitized to this so we accept it. Thats too bad.