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  1. Couples hang out...with a twist?

    To all...thanks for the recs... I like the playfulness and the responses...not the uselessness from some... Ciao!
  2. Couples hang out...with a twist?

    Ummmm...single, yes. However, I do have this one guy inparticular I like a lot...not ready to marry, just to explore a little...
  3. Couples hang out...with a twist?

    silver05 is back with the one liners...please, please go to another post...and play. Relax you suggest...hmmm...try it some time silver05...and while you are at it, go quietly away.
  4. Couples hang out...with a twist?

    Silver05, Actually, no...not kidding. Your surprise and response is amusing. I was warned this message board was more of "joke", then anything and pretty immature. You proved it well with your lovely reply. The request was serious replies...do you know what that means? Oh well, better luck elsewhere...thanks again for the "lack" of response "silver05", clubber as you so call yourself. Live a little, spare people your sarcasm and your silly little unnecessary comment to my post...you may actually have just a bit of fun!
  5. Ok, where can you go...cool place, cool people...with just a twist of sex??? Not to swing...just to be playful...where do the cutest, sexiest couples go to dance, play, "drink" and be "friendly" in NYC? Please respond in a mature fashion...no jokers trying to be cute...thanks.
  6. Thanks, I would like to catch a concert of her's this summer.