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  1. Pacha Resident DJ Exacta Fri @ Prive'

    CHRYS-sTylezz n PRIVE CREW PRESENTS HOM fridays <img src="http://myspace-586.vo.llnwd.net/01075/68/58/1075478586_l.jpg"> iF Y0U HAVEN'T ALREADY, C0ME CHECK 0UT THE ALL NEW *PRiVE* FRiDAYS @ PRiVE, WHERE H0USE MUSiC LiVES!!!!!!! THiS FRiDAY ... -->RESiDENT Dj RALPHiE SM00TH ------->AL0NG WiT NYC'S PACHA'S RESiDENT... EXACTA! *ADVANCE TiCKETS ARE FOR SALE F0R THiS FRiDAYS EVENT, THEY ARE $15 EACH, CONTACT ME(CHRYS-sTylezz) ASAP IF U NEED ANY!!* 21 + DRESS C0DE: JUST LOOK GOOD HOM Fridays Upcoming Events: Pacha Resident DJ EXACTA Oct 27th Denny Tsettos Nov. 3rd Space Resident Oscar G Nov 17th TABLE RESERVATi0NS ARE HiGHLY REC0MMENDED & ARE A GREAT DEAL!!!!!!!!!! *SELLiNG OUT QUiCK, RESERVE ASAP!!! Jus hit me up CHRYS-sTylezz $50 PER PERSON & iNCLUDES- - Absolutely NO waiting on line, walked right in - VIP Access - Cocktail Waitress serving your table all night - and the total amount of money paid for the table will be your BAR TAB !!!!!! example - 4 people @ $50 a head = $200 BT 6 people @ $50 a head = $300 BT Etc. soo the $50bucks u spend to get the talbe goes towards $50 worth of drink for urself or whoeva is at a table with u, SO U dont hav to by a table u can jus get DRINKS all nite long.......and it gets u IN FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE FREEEEEEEEE <img src="http://myspace-586.vo.llnwd.net/01075/68/58/1075478586_l.jpg"> Full Menu Available @ Privénj.com <img src="http://www.privenj.com/_common/flyers/fri_oct_1320.gif"> F0R ANY QUESTiONS OR TABLE RESERVATi0NS, MESSAGE ME!! HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE LETS GETS DRUNK PEOPLES just say your with ** CHRYS-sTylezz ** at the door GUEST LIST(CHRYS-sTylezz