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  1. Winter Music Conference 2005

    I was wondering if anyone from DC is going to the Winter Music Conference. I am going down with all my friends from NJ, but I'd like to meet up with some cool heads in DC before going. That way we can probably help each other out. I am down to party. Hit me up if you're down to chill. Me: single, straight, white, male, 25.
  2. Pvd

    Anyone going to see PVD? I want to go, but don't have anyone to go with. Does anyone want to pregame before going out? 420
  3. Websites

    Thanks alot, Party Hard
  4. Websites

    Can someone list some good websites where I can see the lineups at all the clubs. I used to use naughtybooth, but it was shut down. Thanks FRANK THE TANK
  5. DJ Micro

    Is anyone going to see Micro tonight @ Nation? if so do you want to pregame before? holla back. 4:20 man
  6. DC Club nights, bars, etc...

    Is anyone going to see DJ Micro spin @ Nation tonight? If so does anyone want to pregame? Is it 4:20 yet?
  7. May 7/14th Lineups at Cubik!

    I just moved to Silver Spring. It is cool out there but no one I know in the are is into electronic music. I actually just met Marques Wyatt (OM RECORDS) this weekend, but have been into the music for almost 10 years now. What's the scoop on this area? I know of CLUB FIVE, & NATION, but are there any other good parties? Holla back. "Is it 4:20 yet?"
  8. May 7/14th Lineups at Cubik!

    Micro is ridiculous live. Does anyone know how to get on the guestlist for the Buzzlife parties on Friday nights? Also looking for some people to go clubbing with. I am origionally from NJ about 30 minutes outside NYC and Philly and I used to go out all the time. Now since I moved down here I have been going out by myself because not too many people are into this kind of music. I love to party so if you do to then hit me up.