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  1. jo jo

    check this out the article on this page says ghostface confermend the rumour that hes not part of theodore unit they said its juss a rumour or somethin...check it out...im pissed off.. http://www.wutangcorp.com/clan/ghostfacekillah/news/show/433/
  2. jo jo

    ooo ic ic...so btw how can i put a pic in my thing when i post?
  3. jo jo

    Btw, what happened 2 JoJos site its gone... www.jojopellegrino.com
  4. jo jo

    ooo, how bout dj luciano...u think he sells his cds only over the net or r they in stores, cuz theres a cd thing on his site its umm http://www.djluciano.com/purchase-cds.html he has alot of jojo on them have u heard of him?
  5. jo jo

    hey guys how u doin, im a fan of Jojo, but its really difficult to find any of his damn cds. I was wonderin if ne one new whats goin on wit him now. I remeber in uhh i thinik it wuz his 8 miles an runnin freestyle im pretty sure he says..as a matter of fact wheres Paul Rosenberg at, i needa get him this package...lol isnt paul rosenberg that fuckin guy who wuz on his cd sayin 2 eminem 2 stop flashin his gun, etc etc....so if ne one can fill me in thatd be great. thanks