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  1. What school does everyone go to?

    "Record sales are one thing....Soul is another......." "Soul Mekankik"
  2. Picotto @ Avalon

    As usual I'll be warming up the room before Mauro. He's got such incredible energy and really mixes up the styles of music playing everything from hard techno to trance. I hope to see a lot of people there! Best, Ed
  3. Someone PMed me about this so I'll just post it for all to see, even though I don't enjoy doing this. Tracklist from Avalon 3/26 (Judge Jules and Eddie Lee) Eddie Lee (11-1:30) Oneiro - shhhhh! (Circles of Sorrow mix) -Opening track Rene Amez - I Like Sex EP Harry Peat - Affrodisiac (Asad Risvi Mix) Way Out West - Mindcircus (unknown remix) Steve Porter - Electric Jelly Quakerman and Idjut Boys - Radio Rage (16B remix) Hybrid - I'm Still Awake (Planet Funk remix) Girl Nobody - Sirens (Monkz Remix) Luke Fair - Lokitas Cirez D - Diamond Girl (unknown remix) Dylan Rhymes - Salty Steve Porter - Swanky Luke Fair - 34K Naveen G - Toes in the Sand (Steve Porter remix) Girl Nobody - Smile and Beware (16bit remix) Echomen - Womb Andrea Britton - Am I on Your Mind? (Steve Porter remix) Ozgur Can - Unknown Ryan Yoshimoto - Du What U Want (Trentemoller Remix) Judge Jules 1:30-4 No ID's Eddie Lee (3:30-6) Nikola Gala - Swing 2 Harmony Nikola Gala - Blue Impulse Underworld - Born Slippy (Unknown Remix) Virtualmismo - Mismoplastico Hydroponix - Don't Stop, Go! (Main Mix) The Killers - Mr. Brightside (Lindbergh Club Mix) Deep Dish Vs. The Doors - Doorsflashin' D-Shake - Yaaah! (Chris Fortier and Steve Porter Mix) Chris and Kai - Gone to Heaven Marris - Knowledge and Happiness David Guetta - The World Is Mine Saints and Sinners - Pushin too hard God's Uncle - Overclockers Steve Porter - Drama Queen (Tony Thomas Remix) The Beatles - Tomorrow Never Knows Steve Porter - Rage in the Cage Orbital - Belfast Matthew Dekay - Unknown Kym Mazelle - Was that All it Was (Def Mix) Final Track I'm sure I'm forgetting a few tracks here and there...... And for those who want to come to Avalon on sat nights, PM me by noon on saturday and I'll put you on my guest list! This saturday will be myself and Mauro Picotto..... Best, Ed
  4. I'm still a resident at Avalon. I used to play there on both fridays and saturdays but that ended quite some time ago (I believe it was last August) and now I'm only playing on saturdays. I'm juggling an EXTREMELY hectic schedule and although I WISH I could play more often, I just don't have the time. There's no reason to bash a DJ or say "he sucks" b/c you don't like the style of music. Tony has a unique sound and certainly knows how to work a room or else he wouldn't have a job. I've been bashed on this board myself for being a "boring DJ" but that's just my style. I think my strength is that I'm an extremely versatile DJ that can open the club for anyone. I've opened for everyone on both ends of the spectrum from guys like Tiesto and Ferry Corsten to Derrick Carter and Mark Farina. But Tony plays has a very tough, tribal sound that works on many levels as well. Avalon is a room with a great history and in my opinion, we bring in some amazing talent. And I also think we have a very talented team of residents as well. Eddie Lee
  5. I've had the good fortune to play with almost EVERY big name DJ at Avalon so I think I've got a pretty good idea of who can rock the wheels of steel. 5) Steve Porter (a good friend and a wicked producer) 4) Mark Farina (nobody plays groovier house than this guy) 3) Lee Burridge (plays a little bit of everything) 2) Jeff Mills (I've never seen 3 deck mixing like this before) 1) John Digweed (the only DJ that can make other people's records sound better than they really are!) Honorable mention to Desyn Masiello, Luke Fair, and Ferry Corsten. And not to knock anyone's picks, but there are "big name" DJs out there that couldn't mix a drink. I've witnessed it first hand. And kudos to those who support the local residents like myself!
  6. Felix!

    It was my friend's Bday and we got trashed together. I had a great time spinning on Halloween with Felix. I did however suffer a MAJOR setback. There were WAY too many people in the DJ booth and when I sobered up I tried to get as many people as I could out. SOMEONE HOWEVER STOLE MY CD BOOK!!!! There were over 80 CDs in there with priceless music that cannot be replaced. I'm going to take it as a loss since no one in their right minds would ever return a CD book with goodies in it like that. I am still fuming over this and any info on my CDs would be appreciated although I doubt I'll ever see them again. I was all smiles the entire evening until this happened. Someone out there has my music. If you'd be so kind as to return it to me, I'd be forever grateful...... Eddie Lee
  7. I do not like posting tracklistings nor do I check out what other DJ's are playing. But I offered it up in an earlier thread so true to my word, here it is. Eddie Lee (Not in exact order) Garbage - Milk (Rabbit in the Moon remix) Dustin - The Drive unknown - unknown Dousk - Pa Dida Soul Tan w/Stefanie Vezina - How Long (Original mix) Chris Staropoli - Find Yourself (Unknown remix) Everything but the Girl - Five Fathoms (Steve Porter and John Debo remix) Hydroponix - Don't Stop, Go! (Mirabeau Dub Beats) Spektrum - Kinda New (Tiefschwartz Dub) Infusion - Do to you (In 82) Joi Cardwell - Soul to Bare (Chris Micali remix) Steve Porter - Alphabet Soup Victor Calderone - Resonate (DJ Vibe remix) Matthew Dekay - Unknown Soul Tan feat. Stefanie Vezina - How Long (Steve Porter remix) Steve Porter - Definite Form Southern Comforter - Another Late Thursday Nikola Gala - Blue Impulse Barbara Brown - Dammelo Ferry Corsten unofficial tracklist 01. Ferry Corsten - Kyoto 02. Activa - In Essence 03 Young Parisians feat Ben Lost - Jump The Next Train (Kyau vs Albert Remix)(Euphonic) 04. Carlos Vives - Como Tú (Paul Oakenfold DubRemix) 05. Scott Bond vs Solar Stone - Red Line Highway 06. Capetown ft Miss Ann - One Way Roads 07. Above & Beyond feat Zoe Johnston - No-one on earth (Gabriel & Dresden Remix) 08. Thrillseekers - Synaesthesia (2004 Ferry Corsten Remix) 09. Reflekt featuring Delline Bass - Need To Be Loved (Thrillseekers Remix) 10. BT feat. JC Chasez - The Force Of Gravity (Ferry Corsten Remake) 11. Ferry Corsten - I Love You 12. Tiesto - Just Be (Antillas) 13. Mirco de Govia - Voller Sterne (Super 8 Rmx) 14. Ferry Corsten - Sweet Sorrow (Ferry Corsten's Flashover Mix) 15. Binary Finary - 2000 (Gouryella Remix) 16. Robert Gitleman - Children of the Sun 17. Ferry Corsten - Right of Way 18. Marco V - Automanual 19. Airwave - Last Flight to Gaia (Original Mix) 20. Ferry Corsten - It's Time (Ferry's Flashover Mix) 21. Ferry Corsten - Rock Your Body Rock 22. Marco V - Godchild 23. Mojado feat. Mr. Sam - El Toro 24. Ferry Corsten - Cubikated 25. ID 26. Oliver Lieb pres. Radical Impression - Traveller 3 27. Fu Man Choo - Outlaw (Praha Remix) 28. Fractal Structure - Lost Sequence (Haak's Subliminal Cowbell 29. Roland Klinkenberg - Monday GrooveMix) 30. Ernesto & Bastien - Darkside Of The Moon 31. White Room - White Room 32. Jan Gustafsson - Future History 33. Madoka - Afterburner (Max Graham Remix) 34. Li-Kwan - Point Zero (Leama & Moor Remix) 35. Aven - All I Want (Ferry Corsten Remix) 36. Gouryella - Ligaya 37. Push - The Legacy 38. DJ Tiesto - Forever Today (Ferry Corsten Remix) ? 39. Push - R.E.S.P.E.C.T. (Club Mix) 40. Firewall - Killamanjaroooooooooo!!!!!!! 41. The Rapid Eye - Absolute 42. Albert Vorne - A Leaden Way (M.I.K.E. Remix) 43. Ferry Corsten feat. Elles de Graaf - Show You My World 44. System F - Reaching Your Soul (Original Mix) 45. System F - Underwater 46. System F - Out Of The Blue 47. ALT+F4 - ALT+F4 48. Corderoy - Sweetest Dreams (Ferry Corsten rmx) Enjoy..... Eddie Lee
  8. Ferry @ Avalon .. REVIEWED

    I was the opening DJ and played until 1:15 or so before Ferry. I'm the Saturday resident. If anyone wants a tracklisting for the night, I can post it no problem.... I'm noticing some negative comments about the venue and the crowd which I think are extremely unfair. If you guys wanna complain that the club was too crowded, well all I can say is "welcome to reality." When a big DJ plays a club many people show up. That's just the reality of it. Ferry plays to capacity at massive festivals all over the world and so did anyone think the club was going to be half empty? Also, Avalon attracts people from ALL walks of life. Yes, there are many Asians there, myself also being of that particular ethnicity. As a great "King" once said, "cant we all just along?" And personally, I enjoyed the tranny show on stage. I thought it was kinda entertaining to see something wacky up there. And it didn't even last that long so let's not make a big issue about it. This is the second time I've played with Ferry. The guy just knows how to weave a magical trance set. A great mix of brand new records, his own mixes, and even a sprinkling of classics. Instead of posting with a "glass is half empty" type of attitude, I think we need more positive energy in the club scene in order to help it flourish. EDM in general along with clubbing is struggling a bit in America in case anyone hasn't noticed. If we're not careful clubs might begin to play hip hop in their main rooms! Eddie Lee
  9. I agree, this compilation rocks! I should know since I've been playing out almost all of these tracks at Avalon on a weekly basis! Rock on Sander! Ed
  10. This Saturday 9/25 at Avalon features dance music legend Dave Ralph. A DJ for the past 23 years and a recording artist and producer since 1989, Dave Ralph had built a name for himself in the UK from the early beginnings of youth club discos to high profile weekly residencies at the best clubs in the UK including the legendary Cream. Some of his other credits include extensive touring with Paul Oakenfold, The Love Parade, various compliations including Tranceport 2 and now a residency in the Boston Avalon. As always, yours truly will be warming up the room so come early and party all night! Check out www.avalonnewyorkcity for more details and reduced list info. Or email me at [email protected] Cheers, Eddie Lee
  11. Nikola Gala's "Swing 2 Harmony" is my currently my favorite track and I drop it every chance I get. It is an absolutely gorgeous piece of music and even G&D asked me what it was.... I hope everyone had a good time. Thanks to those who came to Avalon and especially to those who stayed till the end...... Eddie Lee
  12. Oh yeah! I totally forgot about the Girls Gone Wild event! If you guys are lucky, maybe you'll get to see the Avalon resident DJ doing backflips in the lap lounge yelling "Show me your tits!" Eddie Lee
  13. Thanks PCR...I always do my best to get the crowd going before the headliner. Believe me, it's a delicate task..... Last time Gabriel and Dresden were here I recall them being very experimental with their sound. They're quite an interesting duo with a unique style. Every international DJ has played their tracks and I'm sure they'll break out something special..... Hope to see everyone there! Eddie Lee
  14. This Saturday Sept 4th at Avalon NYC features one of dance music'ss most prolific and highly sought after remix teams Gabriel and Dresden. They were responsible for the anthem "As the Rush Comes" which found its way into the box of every DJ worldwide. They've also remixed New Order, Annie Lennox, Andain, Jewel, and Way Out West among others. Check out www.avalonnewyorkcity.com for more info. I'll be warming up the room so come early and party till late! Cheers, Eddie Lee
  15. Resident DJ Eddie Lee at Avalon Sat 6/26

    Last post...I promise.... To digital, jaybird, mario, dragon/the mask, kutekimee, zeeker, bluedragon, freezeout, glowgirl, jaybzee, mikek, and erosjr.....Thanks for the words of encouragement. This is exactly why a DJ does what he/she does. I really have such a love for my music and it's just incredible to see others out there enjoying it as well......Hope to see you guys all there on sat! Eddie Lee