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  1. boy george @ plaid?

    does plaid have a web page so i can find out who's spinnin when?
  2. Sand Bar Friday April 9th

    im not sure how i should feel about sandbar...i wanna like it, its only 4 blocks from my apartment, there's a beautiful view of down town manhatten from the dock, BUT, the djs and the image is too ktu cheese. why not try to get some talent up in there and clean the place up a bit? the venue has potential, do something with it!
  3. someone told me that boy george spins at plaid on thursday nights...??? can anyone confirm that?
  4. a "brook" aka brooklyn is a cut thats real tight around the perimiter of the hairline, almost bald, then faded into a longer interior
  5. Avalon Shut down

    Vinyl (arc) is havin its last party worth goin to on april 25th. "exit" type clubbers need not attend, this party is for the ol' schoolers who know how to keep it real! B Ur Self!!!!!!
  6. i dont know where the hell florida, ny is, but u gotta get down to the tri-state area and check out hoboken, nj and visit the buzz, we got the girlz to hook it up!!!