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  1. WED 4th August 2004--- DRAGONFLY

    Come on down to Dragonfly, 6510 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, Ca. There's a battle of the bands. Gonna be wicked cool. Labels looking to sign new bands. 8 pm doors open, 9 pm start. First band of the night is wicked, and 3rd is pretty damn good too. Be there, gonna be a great night. Music Maniac outta here.
  2. Listentree

    The band to see in LA. www.listentree.com gonna go places.
  3. Live music

    Hey my brothers and sisters, Hope you are all well, I got somethigns to tell you about the LA music scene. It sucks in comparison to New York and various other places, HOWEVER, a while back I was at the Knitting factory. I was there for a Reggae night and so I decided to go in a little early and glad i did. I found this band Listentree playing these great original songs. They gave away their Cd's, Now the recording is kinda crap, but the music that night was awesome. I'd say if you're gonna checkout any band In La, you gotta go for these. They have an array of sounds from different genres. Each musician clearly have different direction in music, yet still they manage to fuse it together. I was ecstatic to finally find something good out here. Seen them three times already. they are still a local band but they'll get big quick. I can see it happening, their crowds have doubled in the last three shows. so If anything I tell you as a fan of their music now, Give them one night, just walk in. You'll experience what I did. Awesome stuff. Catch ya'll later, peace. You can get their songs for free at their website. http://www.listentree.com