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  1. BLVD Sux!

    yea I agree this thread makes me feel alot better I thought I was the bad guy
  2. BLVD Sux!

    Yea these clubs think we are still in high school and think its kewl when you let people wait at the door or its kewl when you rejects a bunch of people (no ugly people, no guys, no jeans, no sneakers, not too many of one race) they think that this elitist view is what makes a club...well if people are going for clubs because its hard to get into they are dumb I like jeans, sneakers, ease of entry (no jokes) and going to a place I can chill relax, dance be surrounded by some interesting kewl people (not what the door guy thinks is kewl) fuck them, your right its the customers that make the place...If I dont go out I sit at home with a bunch of my friends and burn, I love chillin and blazin...I dont need shit like this when I could be happy...
  3. BLVD Sux!

    i agree man I try to treat customers well and when I get treated like shit and still have to pay $200 I just feel fucked...make that 3 rapes at bvld
  4. BLVD Sux!

    I want to dispell a theory that better business bureau can help consumers. I have an online business and I looked into being a member of all these biz groups such as the ny chamber of commerce and the bbb. The chamber took a $500 membership fee invited me to a fucntion and I never heard from them again, they are useless, they are there to gain members and most members are new biz's starting out that just dont know. Some cities have more helpful chambers but the one in nyc doesnt do much for you. As for the bbb its a private organization, all they do is collect complaints, its a database of complaints. Its up to the consumer to look up a biz on the bbb before they do business with them. So it was up to me to look up bvld before I went there, thats not very practical. Many of you may know what I mean from the days of MCI wireless or any service in general that has wronged you. There is nothing you can do to shut a biz down. Wireless compaies are the number one complaint of the dept of consumer affiars. Another useless organization. In my billing erros years ago with MCI they sent letters to MCI on my behalf. When I asked the dept of consumer affairs what they will do beyond this they said we will keep sending letters until we can resolve this. There is nothing a consumer can do to get money back if some service was provided. So I really have very few options that would be effective..although poo on wall sounds kewl. I can 1. try to sue them for the fraud charge but its under $3k so it would go to small claims court which is just a joke. 2. I could try to file a police report for extortion or something 3. I could do a chargeback on my card for the amount Im probably going to do a chargeback but that doesnt always guarentee a refund...remeber they do have 3 sigs and a photo id..they have obviously done this before and are pros in the extortion of funds for tip and booze...why else would they ask for my id upfront....so actually there is nothing to little I can do that is legal, This is just the way it is and I realize this from a biz owner and a consumer, hence why I signed up here and posted..I was hoping that the word would spread and people would boycot this horrible place either that or I get perry and sinclair the promotors of bvld that give them 90% of thier biz to promote something else... or the cops shut this place down cause of the rapes...
  5. BLVD Sux!

    They had my licence, my credit card and four bouncers behind me (really close) I didnt feel like catching a beating and they wouldnt give me back my id or cc until I signed (3 times) and my sig matched the one on my id...I didnt want to leave my id there...just wanted to let you know so you guys dont make the same mistakes I did 1. dont buy a bottle (esp at Boulevard or crash mansion - same place) 2. dont give anyone your id or cc if your paying cash or even if your not.. 3. if you do buy a bottel expect to pay whatever the staff tells you regardless of what the price is 4. dont go to bvld if you want to chill, its just bad vibes there and I really do hope they are short lived Here is what I noticed at bvld The customer always wrong? There is an unwritten tip Policy of 20% like it or not? They will kick out and piss off 30+ heads for $35 and the jackass told me he was in club biz for 18 years he looked about 31 so he must have been running shit at 13 Im just going to keep going off...I need someway to justify this $200 charge this post is therapy for me...
  6. BLVD Sux!

    So here is my story I know its lame but hear it out.. I go to Blvd for a friend’s birthday, we got in for free and she had invited about 40 other people. We get there at around 11pm and the place is empty we go by the couches but they have these huge ads for bottles for $275, I know the drill, buy a bottle get a seat…So I asked everyone if they wanted to through in $10 for a bottle but more so we can sit cause we planned on stayin… So the bottle is $275 and I collect $300 planning on giving a $25 tip, I know that’s low but many of us had drinks and were already tipping the waitress who by the way was a total biatch…I hand her the $300 (at this point we already cracked open the bottle) and she says “Oh I’m sorry there is a mandatory 20% gratuity charge for our bottles… I need $335 from you!†Now I already put in like $40 and I didn’t want to go back to everyone and ask them for a buck…so I was like no way so she got her manager like a greedy slut and complained…(Mind you this is all over $35) The manager Ed Brady (so he says) comes over and said listen “You don’t come into my club and tell me how much to pay for a bottle!†I said dude if you have some 20% bullshit policy then have it on the menu when people order. So he took the bottle off the table where my friends were sitting and kicked out 30 people mostly girls off the couch.. I was like what a dick…(oh yea when u order a bottle you have to give them drivers id and credit card even if you pay cash, just for situations like this where you don’t like it after they screw you) So I said dude this is the last time I come here so he said you and all your friends just leave!!! (again all over $35) Then he realized our group of 30 was really 50 which was half the bar so he took that back and brought me over to get my credit card where he stood with 4 bouncers behind me and made me sign a charge for half the bottle and a $60 tip…He photo copied my id and made me sign three times, he said they get lots of charge backs there so he needed proof that I bought the bottle…Is this a form of extortion??? Dude all I’m saying is don’t get bottles for the seat…and don’t go to bvld..they suck real bad and after the 2 rapes that happened there you see why the cops want to bust this place…I cant wait for this place to shut down…I had the worst night of my life and left without getting a drink and being charged over $200 for trying to make my friends comfortable… So the next day I asked my friend if they ever filled those booths and she told me that the manager and his staff sat there and no one bought a bottel all night!!! And to top it all off they rejected other people she invited at the door cause they were asian..The manager said there were too many asians and he wanted a mixed crowd..