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  1. Hello!! I just wanted to remind you all that Dj Adilson is having his AVALON #5 CD COVER GIRL CONTEST TONIGHT at Avalon!!!! The winner of the contest will be featured on DJ Adilson's Avalon Cd #5 being released within the next two weeks!! So if you are interested in getting in the contest email me back or call me, otherwise you can sign up with me tonight by 12:00 inside Avalon!! Don't forget about next Saturday, November 26th, DJ ADILSON spins with Paul Oakenfold...in a Thanksgiving weekend celebration you don't want to miss (my birthday celebration too!! :-)) Saturday December 10th...we are having our DJ ADILSON 1 year anniversary party with a special LIVE guest performance by Suzanne Palmer!!!! So if you are coming down tonight, our Guest List is COMP'D until 12:00 and REDUCED from 12:00-12:30...so email me at [email protected] or call me at 781-706-6536!!! Hope to see you all tonight!!
  2. Hello everyone!! So one of the best weekend's of the year is here!!! HALLOWEEN WEEKEND!!! Tonight, Saturday October 29th...DJ ADILSON will be having his Halloween Bash at Avalon!!!! So come down in your Halloween spirit, and don't forget to wear your costumes!!!! Rumor has it there will be a contest for the best costume!! Avalon Saturdays are 19+ AGAIN!! DJ ADILSON spins the best House music in the city, each and every Saturday night at Avalon! If you are coming out tomorrow night, email [email protected] or call 781-706-6536 for the Guest list (FREE UNTIL 12:00)!! DON'T FORGET TO WEAR YOUR COSTUMES!!! SEE YOU THERE!!
  3. Avalon Saturdays Back to 19+...

    Just wanted to say that I am very happy to announce that Avalon Saturdays with DJ ADILSON are officially back to 19+ starting THIS Saturday October 22!!!!! Avalon had a licensing issue which made us 21+ for awhile but that phase if OVER!!! Sorry for any inconveniences this might have cause but NOW IT'S TIME TO PARTY AGAIN!! The timing on this is perfect...especially with our crazy Halloween party of October 29th and some other HUGE events we will have coming up!! Anyone planning on coming down and hanging with us this Saturday at our Welcome BACK 19+ party...email me or call me at 781-706-6536 for the Guest List or more info!!! Guest List is FREE until 12:00!!! I hope I see all of you there!
  4. OPEN BAR & LUZ DIVINA LIVE @ Avalon Oct 8

    Just a little update on the OPEN BAR for this Saturday night...I have a few more details. 1.)The OPEN BAR will be from 11:30-12:30 2.)You MUST be on the Guest List to take advantage of the Open Bar and you must be there by 11:00 and 3.)All bars will be OPEN Seems like it's gonna be a fun night, hope to see you guys there! [email protected] or call me at 781-706-6536 if ya have any questions!!
  5. This Saturday October 8th...Luz Divina LIVE with Adilson @ Avalon!! OPEN BAR for the first hour for anyone coming in on a Guest List!! So hope to see some of ya come down and party with us! If anyone wants to take advantage of the Open Bar, email [email protected] or call me at 781-706-6536 with your names and I'll put you on the Guest List as well as the Open Bar list!!! It's gonna be a great night, hope to see you there!
  6. Avalon has been a really crazy time lately!! This Saturday, June 11, I am sure will be no different as we have the musical talents of IIO performing LIVE with Adilson!! She will be singing her hit tracks "Rapture", "At The End", "Smooth" and "Runaway"! If you need the Guest List or info email me @ [email protected] or call me at 781-706-6536!! FYI...Adilson's Cd Cover Girl Contest has been postponed until Saturday June 18...so anyone who wanted to get in the contest, or just come and check it out, save the date!! Adilson will also be spinning a Guest Spot at RISE the same night June 18th...Dan G will be opening up at Rise for Adilson...so we have some great things coming up...hope to see ya there!
  7. This Saturday night, 5/28/05 @ AVALON we will be celebrating Memorial Day Weekend...MILITARY STYLE!!! In honor of this celebration we will also be having an OPEN BAR!!! OPEN BAR will be for the first hour, 10:00-11:00!! DJ ADILSON will be spinning from the stage in an amazing stage set up!! MILITARY ATTIRE IS ENCOURAGED...so don't be shy to wear your army, navy, and whatever else military you might have!!! We will also be starting our search for DJ ADILSON'S AVALON CD #4 "COVER GIRL"!! THE CD COVER GIRL CONTEST WILL BE HELD AT AVALON ON JUNE 4...so if you think you've got what it takes to represent the cd cover, and you want to enter, make sure to email me or come and see me at Avalon this Saturday to ensure your spot in the contest!! Avalon Saturdays are 19+ or 18 with a college ID!! To get on our Guest List, email me at [email protected] or call me at 781-706-6536 by 8:00 PM on Saturday! Guest List is FREE until 12:00 and REDUCED from 12:00-12:30!!
  8. AUBREY will be joining DJ ADILSON @ Avalon this Saturday 5/14/05!! Aubrey will be performing "Stand Still" and "If You Don't Know Me By Now" LIVE!!! We will also be dedicating this night to all of you "Naughty" School Girls and of course Boys too! So girls don't forget to dress the part! For the guest list or more info. email [email protected] or call 781-706-6536!! PS...some other upcoming Avalon Saturday Events include an Open Bar, Iio performing Live one night and Suzanne Palmer performing Live another night...all within the next month...and this is just the beginning of a great summer!!
  9. Cinco de Mayo Bash @ TABU this Thursday MAY 5th w/DJ ADILSON! DJ ADILSON has taken on the residency for TABU THURSDAYS!!! Each and every Thursday Adilson will be there, spinning house music, at the hottest club on the North Shore! He starts his Thursday night adventure this Thursday May 5th for a CINCO DE MAYO celebration! DJ MCCREA will be there alongside ADILSON to open up the night for him! (see attached flyer) The first night Adilson was at Tabu, we had a good crowd, a good vibe, and the night was a great success, so now we are planning to build on that momentum and make Tabu w/Adilson the place to be on a Thursday Night!! With that being said...TABU is located on Rt. 1 in Saugus...this night will be 18+...and the cover is $10.00...or $5.00 if you are on our Guest List. So hope to see you all come down and show your support this Thursday and each Thursday night from then on...if you need the Guest List or more info., email me at [email protected] or call me at 781-706-6536. :-)
  10. DJ Adilson,Joe Bermudez Tabu April 21 2005

    Richy, I am excited about Thursday! It's gonna be fun having Joe Bermudez and Adilson spin together!! I know a lot of people that say they are coming so I think it could be crazy! See ya then!
  11. I just wanted to thank all of the girls that came down to Avalon this past Saturday to get into the contest for Adilson's Avalon #3 Cd Cover Girl Contest! It ended up to be a big success! Also thanks to all of you who were just there to hang out! We all had a great time, I think we will be doing a contest like this again because we did receive such great feedback about it! Unfortunately, I didn't get too many pics of the contest because I was very busy doing a lot of the organizing, but I am almost positive Richy got a few nice pics that maybe he'll post for ya!! But all of the other pics I took of the night will be up tomorrow on www.djadilson.com Adilson's new Avalon #3 cd will be released this Saturday April 9th at DJ ADILSON'S BIRTHDAY EXTRAVEGANZA happening at Avalon!! LEA LORIEN performing her hit track "HOW WOULD YOU FEEL" LIVE!!!! So I hope you will make it down to wish Adilson a Happy Birthday and celebrate with all of us!!! Email me for the list at [email protected] or call me at 781-706-6536!
  12. New pics are up from the weekend... DJ ADILSON GALLERY Check em' out!! DJ ADILSON'S CD COVER GIRL SEARCH CONTEST THIS SATURDAY!!!! This Saturday, April 2, we will be hosting a contest to find the next COVER GIRL for DJ ADILSON'S upcoming AVALON #3 CD!!! We are looking for any and all girls who think that they have what it takes to represent DJ ADILSON'S AVALON CD better than anyone else!! So if you think that you have the right look, the right style, the right attitude...and you want the role...come on down this Saturday to Avalon and enter into the contest!!! The contest will take place at 12:30 and the winner will be chosen by the audience!!! The winner will have an exclusive photo shoot with Richy from Clubbescene and appear on the CD COVER within just a couple of weeks while also walking away with some great prizes! To ensure a spot in the contest, email your request in advance to [email protected], otherwise come and sign up with me before Midnight, this Saturday at Avalon!!! Avalon Sat's are 19+ or 18 w/college id! DJ ADILSON behind the decks all night long!!! If you need more information or would like to know more about the contest, or if you would like the Guest List, please email me at [email protected] or call me at 781-706-6536. Guest List requests should be in by 8:00PM on Saturday!
  13. Dj Adilson Cd Cover Girl Search

    Hey Guys!!! Big thanks to everyone who came out last weekend to Matrix and Avalon...if you came to Avalon on Saturday, you know how crazy it was!!! So THANK YOU for all of your support!! The new pictures are up from the weekend at DJ ADILSON GALLERY ENJOY!!!! DJ ADILSON is still looking for a Cover Girl for an upcoming CD...sign up this Saturday with me to enter into the contest that will be held APRIL 2nd at AVALON...the winner will be chosen by all of YOU at Avalon on April 2nd!! Feel free to email me at [email protected] for more information!! SATURDAY MARCH 26th...DJ ADILSON is back at BOSTON'S BEST HOUSE MUSIC PARTY in the CITY...AVALON of course! Just a little FYI...DJ ADILSON has a BIRTHDAY coming up very soon and I will be posting about it in the next week or two when our plans are finalized about the BIRTHDAY BASH of the year for DJ ADILSON @ AVALON that you won't want to miss!!!!! If you need the Guest List for Avalon on Saturday email me back or call me at 781-706-6536 by 8:00 on Saturday!!! Adilson and I do have a COMP'd list if you get there by 12:00 after 12:00 it is reduced until 12:30!! THANKS!!!! :-)
  14. This Saturday (3/5/05) will be a treat for everyone as we celebrate the birthday of AVALAND!!!! This is one birthday party you don't want to miss, as DJ ADILSON will be bringing a little bit of RIO to BOSTON...with a BRAZILIAN CARNAVAL SHOW!!! This SHOW will consist of LIVE PERCUSSIONISTS...playing to sounds of DJ Adilson's HOUSE MUSIC....Brazilian Carnaval Dancers, in full Carnaval costumes...a Capoeira Performance...oh and don't forget your MASKS...because this IS also a MASQUERADE BALL!!!!! Just to clarify DJ ADILSON will be spinning HOUSE MUSIC ALL NIGHT LONG...so come down and join the fun for Avaland's B-day...and Oh and of course, for ROBSON too!!!!! I am sure you all know ROBSON and it is his birthday bash too...HE is DEF someone who does a lot to make this night at AVALON as fabulous as it is...so hope to see you come down and celebrate with AVALON, DJ ADILSON, ROBSON for his birthday and all of us!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you need the Guest list or more info, feel free to email me at [email protected] or call me at 781-706-6536. GL requests have been crazy lately so try to get your names to me by 8:00PM on Saturday to ensure a spot on the list!!!
  15. Last Saturday night @ Avalon, Kristine W was awesome! I think everyone was really into her performance...she is quite the entertainer! The pictures are up from Kristine W Saturday Night and also from the Matrix "Pink Party"!! It was a great weekend...thanks to all of you who came out!! Thanks Richy for the video review! DJ ADILSON GALLERY As a thank you for your support, from us and from the Avalon staff, this Saturday Night we will be having an OPEN BAR from 10-11!! We are also celebrating the birthday of a good friend and one of our hardest working promoters, GONZAGA!! So hopefully we will see some of you this weekend!! If you need the guest list or more info feel free to email me at [email protected] or call me at 781-706-6536.