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  1. Visiting from Vegas this week

    What's up. A couple friends and I will be visiting Boston this week from Thursday to next Wednesday. Was wondering if there were any places we definately had to check out while out there. Not just the nightlife, but in general as well. What clubs/bars are popping on the weekends? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  2. ... where to go? I'm coming to NY with some friends for one night next week. Monday the 6th. Are there any hot spots that we can check out that night? We're stayin in the area of W57th & 9th Street so something in that area would be great, but not necessary as long as it's a cab ride away or something. There will be 2-3 guys and 2 girls. Oh yeah, and preferably hip hop music, but a mix is fine too. Any help would be great. Thanks.