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  1. Promoters to know in South Beach

    Yeah it sucks especially compared to pics of Bling. That is what is needed on every board.
  2. Promoters to know in South Beach

    No shit, that might happen occassionally that alot of dough gets dropped. Obviously there are no problems then. But I just want to be hooked up in general to just walk in now and again.
  3. Promoters to know in South Beach

    Will depend, could be me and another dude, 3 guys 4 girls, etc. S'alright Watson?
  4. Promoters to know in South Beach

    Hey, Who are the promoters to know in South Beach for good club hookups? I want someone who is cool and just lookin to get a good crowd in the door. I will do them right but I am not going to get a table or anything like that. Don't need anyone when I drop 2 gees anywhere.I don't want any hassles when I get to a place. I had that hookup in NYC wondering who it is for South Beach. Opium, Nikki, Pearl, Mansion you get the habit. Thanks.