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  1. Track ID

    Male Vocal: "House aint giving up, house aint gonna stop,we keep reaching for, reaching for the top" Thanks
  2. It is obviously a banger from the good old days Thanks
  3. Fav Producer/DJ

    Eric Prydz , LOL. He put a 135 bpm bassline over a Steve Winwood sample that is played about 200 times in the song and the guy is a STAR. Go figure. I think it is called overworking a sample That "Call on Me" song goes absolutely nowhere . Absolutely FLAT.
  4. Wham-Last Christmas (Benny Benassi Remix)

    Man they will remix anything nowadays, I am waiting for the hard house remix of the Hail Mary to come out. I heard it's gonna be hot
  5. There are so many DJ's that just do not play the hard stuff. I have no idea why because this is the stuff that makes the crowd go nuts. I was wondering if anyone out in the entire NYC plays this stuff. There has got to be someone. I was looking to get amped up for New Year's but I will not go to hear the same boring stuff that does not grab you and say i got to move to this. Johnny Vicous use too but with a CD release like he just had I am not really sure if Johnny knows what the heck hard is all about anymore. I think he should change the name of his CD from Deeper and Harder to, Soft and Squishy. What happened to him? Any guidance is appreciated.