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  1. Avalon Tonight!

    Your admission to Avalon tonight gets you a wristband that provides free limo service to a part at The Park. 3,000 people have attended this party 9 years in a row!
  2. thurs. dec23rd @ Crobar

    The Matzo Ball isn't at Crobar on the 23rd - it's at Mission on the 24th. And the biggest Jewish party in the country is at Avalon and The Park on the 24th. You can take limos between the parties for free. Door is $30. See www.TheBall2004.com.
  3. There is a huge part at Avalon and at The Park on Dec 24. See www.TheBall2004.com. You get to take free limos between the clubs.
  4. Big Jewish Parties on Christmas Eve

    The biggest Christmas Eve event in NYC is at Avalon AND The Park. 3,500 people. See www.TheBall2004.com.
  5. Big Jewish Parties on Christmas Eve

    The big party on that night is at Avalon and at The Park. It's one big party with 1000s of peeps and they give you a limo to take between clubs. I went last year and had a blast. The site is www.TheBall2004.com. Who's Jewish in da house? LOL.
  6. This is interesting find

    Rip-off City!
  7. Viscaya Lounge Anyone?

    Cool layout; cool crowd.