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  1. Thursday: Rain and Ra

    Heya guys, Thanks for the advice.. I think we are pretty well set on going to Ra and Rain though. Question though.. my friend wants to add Ghostbar into the night as a pre-club thing because of the apparently awesome view of the strip. Do you think its worth it? Thanks, D
  2. For the ladies

    Hmm.. could be fun.. and would that be a lalate-sponsored shoppin spree??
  3. For the ladies

    Wondering where all the ladies get their club gear? Have some tops from past trips (mostly forever 21) but in desperate need of purchasing some more. Where in vegas do you get funky bar tops? Thanks, D
  4. Thursday: Rain and Ra

    Thanks for you're opinion. This is my third time to Vegas but my first since I've been an "adult" lol. Unfortunately we'll be leaving on Friday so Thursday night will be the last big blow out (til next time anyways!). Moving back to Tuesday.. we've also planned to go to Pure on Tuesday night for my big 2-5. So far have gotten on the guest list through NapkinKnights. Would you know if this thing is legit? We have dinner reservations for 8pm so likely wouldn't be heading to the club until after 10. Also I haven't been able to find a decent website for Pure listing the type of music being played. I can stand some electronic mixed in with some hip hop, top-40 stuff but would not be able to stand one full night of techno. Sorry I know I'm probably not even using the proper "terms" for it! Oh one more general sorta question, are cameras allowed in these clubs? Want to definately take some pics to show the friends back in small town Canada how great the party life is beyond the borders. lol Thanks again for your help, D
  5. Thursday: Rain and Ra

    Alright so our plan orginally was to go to Rain on Thursday night. I know its one of those clubs that you only go to once but it just sounds so unlike the bars here. But now I have heard that Ra has a good hip hop night on Thursday nights as well. So I am wondering is it possible to go to both in one night? Which one would get busy earlier? I see that you can purchase advanced admission for Ra (which includes VIP) and sign up for the guest list on Rain's website (for which you have to arrive between 11 and 12). Also anyone know how late these bars are usually open til? Which would be the best to end the night with? Advice, thoughts and opinions please! Thanks, D
  6. Heyaz, Lookin for some opinions on where we should go while in the city at the end of April. We'll be there from Monday - Friday and looking for places offering a mix of Mainstream, Hip Hop, R&B, Dance and House. So far have looked at Coyote Ugly, Pure, Rain and the Beach but would like some people with first-hand knowledge to let me know whats cool and when.. It'll be my birthday on the Tuesday night so a really hot Tuesday night place would be great too.. Also if you could let me know what time to head there to beat the line ups. Thanks yahs
  7. how is the weather in april?

    Was wondering when in April yer headed to Vegas? We're gonna be there at the end of April (for my 25th) on our freebie flights from celebratin new years in NYC (@Ikon). Haven't really decided on the venue yet.. kinda thinkin more hip hop/top 40/mixed.. Will also hopefully be catchin lotsa rays..(got down to -40C this mornin.. ) and of course do some shoppin.. altho I dunno how the vegas shoppin with compare to new york! lol..
  8. sorry guys.. double-posted by accident.. patience is a virtue.. I must remember that! ~*~9 days 05:56:12~*~
  9. Heya Arv, Yah.. I don't think we're gonna be going for that hike.. if not for physical inability then to get to Ikon ASAP after the ball drops.. it was suggested (on another forum) that the subway would probably be the best (and quickest) way to get there so I think we'll be tryin that.. we have to go to Ikon earlier on that day to pick up our tickets so hopefully come 12:01 we'll know EXACTLY where we're going (maybe another good reason to not drink til we get there.. wouldn't wanna miss the event cuz we got lost! I've been searchin all the stores (which really aren't many.. lol) here looking for comfy but not totally ugly shoes and haven't been that successful so I'm hopin I'll be more successful there! Oooh and one more quickie.. please tell me that there will be Red Bull or some other energizing substance available at Ikon.. we're gonna try to sleep and rest as much as possible the day of new years eve.. sure don't wanna be crappin out early! Happy holidays.. oh and 9 more sleeps until the BEST holiday in the world! he he Ciaosa, Ms. D
  10. Ok.. so as I stated in my past posts in the NYC forum.. we're headed there for NYE.. Ikon would be the exact venue.. wooo PvD So's I was just wonderin.. WHAT DO I WEAR! lol I am a part of the club scene (if you could call it that! lol) way up here in North Western Ontario but have yet to really venture out, other then to the scene in Minneapolis which seemed quite similar to here (maybe went to the wrong clubs?) ok.. back to the point: What do I wear on NYE at Ikon?? Would the same black pants and bar-top work? Decisions, decisions.. aight I admit I need help! so HELP ME ppl! lol Ms. D
  11. Hey Arv, Just wanted to thank yah for the info... We are still plannin on doing the Times Square thing (unless its SUPER cold out) before heading to Ikon.. I Mapquested Times Square to Ikon and it was only about 2 miles.. seems like we could walk there even? what do yah think? As for the pre-drinkin.. I know I read somewhere that you're not allowed to have drinks out on the street in Times Square but do the cops really check? Have you or anyone else ever gone? Only 8 more sleeps till we depart this frigid north (got another 2 feet of snow yesterday! ) Ciaosa, Ms. D
  12. okay, so here's the deal we bought our tickets for the general admission 18+, we're both 21+ and would like to know if we will be able to buy alcohol in this area? Have never been to Ikon.. or NYC for that matter.. any ideas on what to wear? Would prefer to not appear TOTALLY Canadian! Oh and ps I'm a gurl! Also read that PvD isn't goin on until 12? Can anyone confirm that? We're doin the countdown in Times Square with the family first and then plannin on heading to this event.. anyone that has gone to such events in the past foresee any issues with gettin in? we do NOT wanna miss out on the fun! Aight.. thanks Ms. D