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  1. My friend is pregnant

    She's due in abuot a week
  2. cool sex sites

    swingfordollars.com bigtitpatrol.com thebigswallow.com even the trailers r great
  3. what the fuck happened?!

    I was at the cafe and this gorgeous blonde kept looking over at me and when I went into the mens room, I turned around and she was there, she said "Wanna come back to my apartment for a cup o' tea?" So thinking she just wanted to be friends I answered, yes. when we were there I never got a drink, she just said sit down! half an hour later she was riding me so hard. she was gorgeous and of course good at sex, so I'm not complaining but I never saw someone so good at sex. I'm fuckin' impressed!
  4. cybersex right now?

    anyone interested doing it with me right now?
  5. 1 girl 2 cocks

    Me and another fucked her brains out any other stories
  6. cybersex

    we're in my room, soft, romantic music is playing I am fully clothed on the bed, waiting for you
  7. cybersex

    anyone interested?
  8. just hooked up

    I hooked up with this 27-year old redhead, she wore leather trouser, lace(breastthing) and a latex jacket at this club and was fuckin hot, When we got home and started kissing and grabbing she suddenly grip my hair and said, sit down, i looked at her, suprised, then with the other hand on my jaw "sit the fuck down bitch, DOWN" i did, "good, do as i tell you, take that t-shirt off" she sat on my face for a while giving instructions, "don't close, hold you're tongue out, stick it in, lick me, don't stop" rubbing hersfelf to my tongue and face, when she jumped of i whispered if i could eat her ass, witch i could, she plainly sat herself on my face back to me holding her hand on my head slowly rubbing herself on me again, she stroke my dick outside my clothes for a while before we both ended up naked in a 69 man that chick drove me crazy she asked if i had anything she could tie my hands with and we ended up using a scarf instead of handcuffs when she fucked me She was riding very hard and even slapped me in the face, i won't give you all details but i was fucking shocked by her behavior, she was so fucking hardcore and i love every minute of it I sometimes fantasies about this things, jerking of to tanya hyde and i know a lot of girls can be really wild, but this amazed me. It is not often i get so wild sex hooking up with girls i haven't known very long -anyway thought i share this on the sex board and invite people to post some juicy sexexperience they have had. whoah baby i'm shocked