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  1. Hottest Music/Anthems?

    What is the hottest music, Summer anthem out now?
  2. DJ Mike Bugout?

    Another WMC has passed DJ mike Bugout should be ready with a mix soon
  3. Summer Anthem?

    As WMC has drawn to a close what is this years summer anthem? I have a feeling we will be hearing alot of Jai Ho remixed.
  4. WESTCHESTER promoters/club staff WANTED

    where in westchester? Anywhere good? Westchester has been stalled lately. SOMA and the usual bars in WP lol.
  5. Summer Anthem?

    Does anyone have an idea what this summer's anthem will be? I am sure something BIG had to come out of WMC
  6. Song ID Mix needed Show Me Love

    There is a remix to Robin S Show Me Love it is remixed they play it on 877 Pulse in NY does anyone know the remix? Thanks
  7. Elements Rooftop Party on Sunday

    On a Sunday? Sundays WP usually is wack the bars suck on Sundays. Elements is best on a Sat. night. I used to see the rainbows at the bars driving by on a sunday.
  8. Looking to go to the city with my friends probably about 4 of us to NYC or NJ what is good this Saturday night for the older crowd 30ish and nothing crazy to get in or bottle service.Thanks
  9. Summer Anthem

    What is this summers anthem? I think so far commercially not many bangers out there Louie D's newest a bit dissappointing. Not like back in the day.
  10. Song ID

    Toto- Rains Down in Africa and Jay-Z Bonnie and Clyde who did this remix did they rename it I hear it in clubs but can't find anywhere. Thanks
  11. Request Sheet Music For Rui Da Silver "Touch Me"

    I found a program that does it but cannot get the lyrics to work properly in Music Notation.
  12. Hello - I have a request to ask I am looking for the Sheet Music for the song Touch me from Rui Da Silver. If anyone has this music or where I can get it from please let me know. Thanks
  13. NY Clubs near 57th and 8th near Providence?

    Let me rephrase what I meant Any NYC Clubs that cater to an older crowd non 18. I understand most are 21 but some tend to cater to 18 and others tend to have an older upscale mature crowd. That night I felt like I was in Asia which I didn't want to be, Mirage in LI has the most decent crowds.
  14. Providence was horrible last night what other clubs (non teenie boppers) are in the area of 57th and 8th near Providence?
  15. Jay-Z/Beyonce Remix? Africa?

    Does anyone know who did this remix? Thanks