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  1. Where do I begin with this amateurish attempt by Network Productions to throw a New Years Party. First of all the line to get to into the mansion was ridiculously unorganized. The organizers didn't know who was was responsible for dispensing the appropriate wrist bands, therefore people were waiting 30 plus minutes to collect their wrist bands that they had already prepaid for! When you get into the mansion, there was a 40 minute wait for one drink. I had two drinks from the bar because the wait was so long. And don't get me started on the bathroom line, one bathroom in the whole place! Then they ran out of toilet paper, a nice guy from the crowd grabbed paper for the girls. When it was finally our turn to get in, there was a huge piece of shit in the toilet. I felt like I was at a frat house. Actually worse than a frat house, for I have never seen shit in the can. Coat check was hysterical, they had one little girl taking coats, pinning a number on the coats and placing the coats on a bed! Yes you heard right a double bed served as the coat check folks. But guys wait there is more, the catered food was located behind a piece of police tape, in which one guy served you two appetizers. The upstairs DJ was 100 CD changer of pre mixed songs. The people who attended were a bunch of freaks, not the sexy crowd they advertised. My friends and I are from the east coast. We thought the idea of a party in a mansion was a novel idea, but we were sadly mistaken. The guys from Network productions are a bunch of cheap promoters who don't know who to throw a proper party. Boys do me a favor, go to a party in NYC, and learn how to throw a party for your skills are YOUNG!