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  1. aww man...really can't wait for this. guess i have to though. seriously...this jammy is gonna be meatracktastic.
  2. oh...nice one. really excited for the whole day. everyone's got their own style, but more importantly, knows how to play tracks. really can't wait. it's been a long week so far, and the only thing that's keepng me going is the thought of sharing some music with people on sunday. wooot!
  3. Street Seen

    my cat's breath smells like cat food.
  4. hahaha.... hipp-e is a maestro in the art of house music... check it out on saturday if you're still undecided. they've just renovated the joint too, with a brand new bumping soundsystem... http://bbs.clubplanet.com/nyc-party-promotions/321693-basic-nyc-hipp-e-nightshift-cd-release-party-sullivan-room-sat-feb-17th.html
  5. new here

    what does that have to do with bowling balls? (hey there)
  6. if you like john peel...you might like what i have to offer.