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  1. Junior Vasquez

    Who are you and why are you spreading rumors? Rosalie is long gone, she is not even in the city anymore, and besides, the club has new owners now! I heard the tickets are selling like crazy, it will be THE party to remember!
  2. Russians at Roxy

    DJ Amadeus is spinning and Ruki VVerh is performing
  3. Russians at Roxy

    Hey y'all. Anybody going to the Roxy on Friday? (01/14/05)
  4. Ashlee Simpson

    Anyone has a link to the full Ashlee Simpson performance at the Orange ball?? I missed it, but i heard it was gooood.
  5. reviews for Jon O'Bir ( pvd's openning DJ)

    Anu body knows if he is gonna play in NYC anytime soon???
  6. I went to Icon on New Years and I thought he was even better than PVD.