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  1. SANDER KLEINENBERG at GLOW this Saturday

    My boy 'C' and I were there from 11:30 PM until about 3:45 AM. What a blast! The crowd was a very, very good looking crowd and was well dressed and friendly and drama free (expect for one small altercation). What an UNBELIEVABLE time! Sander dropped bomb after bomb and worked the crowd into a complete frenzy 4 or 5 different times throughout the night . He really played well as did Dan Sampson. Sander played more Prog House than he did Trance and he mixed in Techno and Tech-House as well. What a set!!! There were a lot beatiful looking Mediteranian women there too! There were a lot of beautiful women to say the least period. Whew! Also, there was a great ratio of males to females too. Overall, this was a very, very well run event. Props to the club promoters and the club staff. Everyone was professional and friendly and the vibe was positive and awesome. Every expectation I had was by far exceeded. Wow! What a great time me and my boy 'C' had! Yes, my name is Matt and my user ID says 'denvermatt', but I just recently relocated from Denver, CO back to the East Coast (I now live in South Central Pennsylvania). It was well worth the 1 hour and 35 minute drive. I would do events like these considering the 1.5 hour drive every 3 to 4 weeks. 'What up' to everone on the 'DC' board. I look forward to possibly meeting you Clubplanet members and some of the 'GLOW' promoters one day. Again, props to the club and the promoters for this event. Overall I'd give your operation a 9 on a scale of 1 to 10! And this considering that I've heard most all of the 'headliners' at one time or another in Denver, SoBe or Manhattan (Danny Tenaglia, Donald Glaude, DJ Dan, Roger Sanchez, Oscar G, Steve Lawler, 'Lil' Louis Vega, Frankie Bones, PVD etc.) Well done Fur and GLOW and I look forward to the next time time I come to Fur and a 'GLOW' Saturday! I was basically blown away most of the night by this party!
  2. Tyler Stadius - October

    Tyler is one DJ to be heard people! And so is Jay Tripwire! DO NOT miss this mix! I heard your boy Jay this past January with Mazi in Denver. I caught their after-hours set at 2AM and they beat the crowd up and down and up and down for about 3 hours. What a great 'sound' they (and you too Tyler) have! Very creative and very unique. I goota give it up too for Ty and Mike and Daryl and Wyatt and Nate - The whole Casa-Phrunky crew. They are great people who have really kept House going lately in Denver where it is dying off. They have also advanced House music in general.
  3. How old are you silverbull? I used to do what you do every weekend when I was younger and I can still do it (and my girl and me do it about every 6 - 8 weeks or so), but I need to really push myself or take "Ephedrine" to help to pull an all-nighter. Realistically at my age of 32 it's not worth it anymore even though I am in great shape and lift every day. Even though I feel the need to hear a good House set every week, I just don't go out more often then every 2 or 3 weeks and even then I don't pull all nighters excpet maybe 5 - 7 times a year. I'm not judging your way of life or mentality with respect to the House scene, but I for one don't choose to hit the scene as often as you do. Props to you though for doing your thing silverbull. You only live once...
  4. New CD Now Available Jan '05

    Sheldon - You have mail!