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  1. Men's Softball Leagues

    i take that back ceepee.. nutley is arch, which blows and you need 1 person to live in town. verona has even worse standards.. all but 2 ppl need to live/work in town. bloomfield leagues don't start until the summer and montclair has teams that u can join, but you can't start your own team. section 8 blackness
  2. Men's Softball Leagues

    good job ceepee. so this is the bloomfield league then? i've got a team line up for the most part. gonna give that # a call tomorrow and see what da deal is. thx for the help. i'll let you know if we join up so u'll know which team to be afraid of.
  3. please vote for my friend

    no, i will only vote for those 2 cuz the rest blow
  4. please vote for my friend

    Aaryn and Claudia are the only 2 that get my vote
  5. Men's Softball Leagues

    yeah, i know nutley has one for sure. i'm not looking for pro fast-pitch, but i def don't wanna play in a slow arch league. i live in montclair, so i'll see if my town, bloomfield, nutley has anything too and post what i find out.
  6. Men's Softball Leagues

    i'll bump this for 75 weeks until i get a valid response from someone
  7. anyone on here know of any med/fast pitch leagues in norther NJ?
  8. Superbowl Commercials

    did no one see the go daddy commercial??? my tv caught on fire from that girl.. jesus.
  9. What Goes On?

    sounds like a geek to me
  10. What Goes On?

    you 2 are delusional. dogekid? what kinda name is that anyway? what was so special about him? he's got nuttin on me.
  11. What Goes On?

    what if i was the new n improved version?
  12. What Goes On?

    i thought i could be his stand in for now
  13. What Goes On?

    hello all.
  14. So I heard...............

    this stuff still goes on here? cool.