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  1. Where to go on a monday night?

    The weather ... it has been shitty... freezin cold out. I am getting cabin fever because its just to nasty out to go and do anything .. not like there is a whole lot to do around this place besides go to the bars.. but we couldent even do that for a while because it was so cold out that we couldent drive anywhere cause it was to dangerous. drunk and broken down with -30 degree weather not a good idea. lol .. other wise we just got a covering of snow last night and I was out plowing all morining... cant wate to get to some nicer weather .. please tell me its going to be nice in vegas!
  2. Where to go on a monday night?

    I sware I am pretty sure us girls would be sitting around all week lost without you guys. I know i have been a pain in the butt..lol .. anyways... I am thinking that we will come to RA on thursday.. that is our last night to party.. and alot of people I have talked to said that RA is awesome to be at on a thursday.. let me know what your number is so we can get ahold of you when we get out there .. thanks
  3. Where to go on a monday night?

    Just woundering where we should head out to on our first night in vegas? Monday just seams a weird time for people to be going out all night.. and we cant really figure out where to go.. thanks
  4. girls on spring break march 14th-18th

    First I just want to say thanks to those of you who have helped me so far. Us girls are getting excited.. you guys are going to make our trip more then we would have been able to do on our own. I heard that it is going to be pretty crazy out there the week we are going and we are looking forward to getting crazy right along with they rest of you .. so lets us know where everything is going on so we can get wild and have some fun for once (if any of you only knew what it is like to live in Northern Minnesota) For all of those who have helped us out so far .. thanks so much .. you will be getting better props when we get back but for now you know who you are ..
  5. Hey, well I am just woundering if you all could give us some advice on where to go and what to do with our time out in vegas for 5 days. We are looking to party and just have a good time. Its just hard to figure out where to go because every where we look it says something different. We love to dance.. sorry not tecno (sp?) Just current rock and hip hop country.. also we are woundering what days we should go to certin clubs .. since we dont want to be the only ones there... thats no fun This is the list we have come up with where to go: Coyote Ugly - we love our beer and who wouldent want the chance to dance on a bar? Studio 54- we want to go on a tues. night .. that is eden right?? whats that like and all about? The beach- sounds like they play the kind of music we like Gillys- we are going to ride the bull like no others (actually one of us will prob. get hurt and go to the hospital) Also .. I know i am being a pain in the butt but we are truly looking to have a wild fun time out there.. so we are doing our homework.. what dose everyone usually do when they go out.. go to one club and stay there all night .. or hop around? thanks for your help ..