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  1. DJ Lineup for the 3rd Annual Fliptoniaaa

    jimmy listen up. and im gonna be nice cause i know u got a monopoly on the mods here. i apologized to u on IM and on the boards so do me a favor take it easy with the name calling! Me, manny and damon r pissed for a reason and its well justified. i know koky, flip and eric had the best intentions when u spoke to them, but i should have been asked at the very least if it was going to inconvenience me ( u ever stop to think that maybe i couldnt stay that late for what ever reason and that i PM'ed u early to get an early slot?) i appreciate u taking the time to do the list and organizing all the different styles, and lets leave it at that. dont bring up mine or my friends names anymore if your gonna be derogatory towards us, because as i said early i apologized already and left it as a misunderstanding NOW LET'S GET THIS PARTY GOING ON A MORE POSITIVE NOTE peace
  2. DJ Lineup for the 3rd Annual Fliptoniaaa

    look b4 this gets crazy( i guess it all ready has) ill apologize to jimmy( i know u r just trying to get things organized). sorry this shyte got outta hand.
  3. DJ Lineup for the 3rd Annual Fliptoniaaa

    hey take it easy there tough guy. dont let yourself get carried away. let's leave it at that
  4. DJ Lineup for the 3rd Annual Fliptoniaaa

    um okay last time i checked flip and koky r not spinning or even in the line up. it would have been nice for u to consult with the person who slot u changed that all, just like the first time u changed it, which was okay with me. im still gonna spin that's for sure!
  5. DJ Lineup for the 3rd Annual Fliptoniaaa

    alright dude, one more time. I DONT CARE ABOUT THE LINE UP. my slot was changed without even asking me. thats why im pissed
  6. DJ Lineup for the 3rd Annual Fliptoniaaa

    i dont really care that much about the House dj overload, u let a house dj do the list and thats what u get. im sure if it was a trance or what ever dj doing the list the same shit would happen. these r all great dj no matter what genre. what i do care about is that i pm/im jimmy wwayyyyyyyyyyyyyy in advance and he gave me the 1-2 slot. then he changed it to 2-3, which he ask if i could do and i said yes. then all of a sudden, weeks later, i see the line up and i got push down to 4-5 without jimmy even fuking asking me. not even a pm. all this after the supposed list was closed.
  7. Tiesto at Prive

    went to this one, got there early. 1000pm. wasent expecting to much of a hassel cause it was only advertised at the last minute. not many people showed up early, we got in just after 1030 for $50.00 for both of us. im sure most people that post here have been there before so not gonna go over the layout but needless to say its nice. system sounded decent. best part was Tiesto spinning 2 feet in front of everyone. for tiesto fans that was awsome because usually he spins in really big venues and he is pretty far away from the crowd. the dj booth was small and basically at eye level with everyone in the club. energy/vibe in the place was great. i had a great time and will try to post some video of the night when i get a chance. nice 2 c that Prive' delivered on its promise
  8. DJ Lineup for the 3rd Annual Fliptoniaaa

    Originally Posted by digitalphoenix Bitch, moan, bitch, moan. People are never fucking happy. "Too much house, too much trance" It's a free event with quality sounds all around, so y'all need to STFU and enjoy it!!!!!!!* ... ...... ............. *I am DigitalPhoenix and approve of this message. BITCHES!!! too much trance???????? um have u seen the line up stevie wonder?
  9. DJ Lineup for the 3rd Annual Fliptoniaaa

    u got that shit right....what a rig..no disrespect to the dj's they r all top notch
  10. 24 hrs

  11. Damon's catch of the day...

    holy shit thats funny
  12. Happy birthday Flip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    happy bday flipster...........its a celebration!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. February 4th, 2006....Round 3

    YYYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! been waiting for this one
  14. Whoever came up with...

    uh, huh huh, u said "bologna"