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  1. Outer Limits Productions Presents: Relief 2.0 - *Twice the size* 4 rooms of sound - 3 floors - 3 MC's - 27 DJ's Guys still only $10 and GIRLS FREE ALL NIGHT! Saturday - July 16th, 2005 For the last Relief we only had the use of 1 main room and we only had 2 sound systems. For Relief 2.0 we doubled the areas to 2 main rooms and 4 areas of sound for the same price. Prepare for another night of old friends and old times. Your musical guides for your trip down memory lane are: -- Main Room #1-- First East Coast appearance since Outer Limits Arcadia (Oct 1999) Hard House Legend Poogie Bear (Of Mark V and Poogie Bear) Creator of the hard house classic "This time it's War" Gonzo + Myth-i-s (Brooklyn Union)(DPIM Recordings) The Dever (Brooklyn Zoo) Sykopath *Featuring Fusion - Live* (Outer Limits, ADAM Management, FOCREC) Pauly + Taurus *Running of the Bulls Set* (Sympty)(Sympty) Impulse (Outer Limits) -- Main Room #2 (The DnB Dungeon) -- *Hosted by Cyber Groove Productions and HyperBreaks Records* ODI (Digital Konfusion / Cymbalism - NYC) Mason (GASM - Philly / Freak / MetalHeadz - UK) Burner Brothers (Direct Drive / Cyber Groove - NYC) Link (Recess / Cyber Groove - NYC) J Ryme v. Lenny Breaks (AIM Crew - NJ) -MCs- Crash Overide Precious Dros E LA -- Area 3 -- Frazzle Dave Tryxx Tracatak + Mannchild Bread + Butter Rayza - Area 4 - The Germ Integrity Kemp + Sean Place Dali Lady Luck Date: Saturday - July 16th, 2005 Admission: $10 for guys - LADIES ENTER FREE ALL NIGHT!! Location: Tequila Joes 88 Verona Ave Newark, NJ Directions: 973-450-1900 or www.tequilajoes.com Ages: 21+ only. You must bring ID!! Hours: 9pm - 3am Info: [email protected]