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  1. Fake Identification

    i sense hostility, im sorry but i searched on these boards and found many posts about fake ids and nobody cared. im not the fuckin cops haha
  2. Fake Identification

    Alright, i originally was planning on getting a new york one from fakeidgroup.com, i looked at a sample of their new york one and compared it with a brochure from the new york DMV i found online talking about the new ones issued in 97. Im pretty sure theyre still the same, right? i kind of want to get this soon so seeking out someone that looks like me isnt going to be quick. anyway thanks for the help heres a pic of a fake new york one. It bends and has a hologram. You guys think it would work? with my picture of course heh
  3. Fake Identification

    Ive been wanting to get a fake id for 21, and ive been thinking about a new jersey one. i dont live in new york but i visit everyonce in a while. i live in ohio, so probably almost any ID would work here. i was just curious if anyone has some reccomendations. ive searched these boards but nothing recent has been posted about anything. 2 websites have caught my attention, fakeidguru.com and fakidgroup.com, neither of them are in america and ive seen them reviewed and rated well by others. Just wondering if anyone knows about these and whether or not a good new jersey one will get me into most decent clubs in nyc. Im willing to shell out a hundred bucks cause i know that here in ohio the rewards are worth it. I know this is my first post but i only come here so often and its usually to look up events, dont hate me