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  1. CP/CJ Soccer Match

    I'm in, though I haven't played in years but once I have a few touches it'll come back. Why don't we play at fiu south. It'll bring back good old memories of when i use to play for the panthers.
  2. Check out my new track

    Damn! for some reason it didn't upload - that sucks
  3. Check out my new track

    I just finished it yesterday. Very proggy house . Makes me forget about the madness and eases my stress. I love this music - electronic music is so powerful.. Its crazy. Send me some feedback. I would certainly appreciated it. Any commets are welcomed, even if its to tell me how bad the track is. haha
  4. Saturday Night BBQ

    That was one hell of a party! Props to the organizers... Good music, awesome people and mad drinks...couldn't ask for anything else. First time for me and I'm hoping there is a next. Its been a while since I attend a party where everyone is there for the same reason - THE MUSIC! Being a producer it gives me a thrill to know there are true heads out there ready dance, sweat, and get stupid. By the way I'm new to the board. Glad to be a part of it. Peace