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  1. Le Bete at Wynn is awesome!

    I went to RA on the 13th thanks to MrVegas hooking me up on the guestlist and the music and club were awsome...it was my first time to RA and the dj's were great. Although for about the first 20 minutes I was there I was the only one on the dance floor...ah well more room for me. When I come back in July I am definately hitting up Pleasuredome on Wednesday. Thanks again MrVegas!!
  2. Rich Tuesdays at ICE?

    thanks for the answers everybody...djmasterweb I'm looking forward to coming to OPM on my trip to Vegas, hopefully I can meet you when I'm at the club, you seem like a very cool, nice guy on the forum here...what would be a good night to come to OPM?...I'll be in Vegas from April 10-15 (sun-fri) with a group of friends (5 guys 1 girl)
  3. Rich Tuesdays at ICE?

    This is the address where I found this Rich Tuesdays at ICE...http://www.digitalcity.com/lasvegas/bars/venue.adp?sbid=129765&type=eventschedule Has anybody heard of this or know how to get into it?
  4. Rich Tuesdays at ICE?

    What exactly is RICH tuesdays at ICE and how do I get into this? I'm coming to Las Vegas with some friends April 10-15(Sun-Fri) and we wanted to go to ICE because we heard the club was hot. First I heard they were only open fri-sun but then I heard about this RICH Tuesdays. Anybody know how to get into this or that can me hook me up on a guestlist. Thanks for any help Josh
  5. Guestlists to RA?

    Hi MrVegas, Me and 4 of my friends are going to be in Vegas from April 10-15 which is a Sunday-Friday. We really wanted to go to Ra on Wednesday but heard its hard to get in and the line is long....Is there anything you could do to help, anything would be gratefully appreciated!! Thanks in advance, Josh ps. its me, 3 guys and 1 girl