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  1. Hey was wondering anyone got some reduced or even complimentary passes.
  2. I am soo frustrated :(

    I'm done searching. my friends are assholes because some people not going because some others are not goin. Im jsut mad stressed now and really killin me. I dont even wanna show to the public on my bday. That's how I feel. Dead ass, its too hard to please everyone.
  3. I am soo frustrated :(

    I really want to throw a party at avalon, because everyone saids that shit is hot for a 18 party. I mean I guess I really want everyone to get into avalon cept it's an upscale cluba nd everything. I mean if anyone of you guys got hookups and shit. Let me know asap. I mean asap. Everyone is 17+ No younger. I dont want no id crap, Thats whack, i dont wanan see liek lil 14 yr olds running around when Im turning into a pre adult. Email me [email protected], if you relaly got great plans. Holla please asap. Thanks
  4. I am soo frustrated :(

    I wihs it was 17+ like literally 1987 bron and up. I mean everyone is gonan be 18 soon anyways.
  5. I'm really gettin frustrated now. My 18th birthday is the 7th and I really wanted to do sumtin off the hook. Like I def got enough people to do anything. I got a good amount of people from all areas too. The only thing I can do to bring everyone together is a club. I can't rent a party bus because I have too many people. I need a club to go to that is convienent and also able to get all my people in. I know I'm turning 18 but some of my firneds dont turn 18 yet. I even kno some people who's birthday is liek the 13th. I don't know what to do. ANYONE , please just pour out what you think, any plans like anything. Just reply , even if its small and simple. Anyone ....
  6. I'm lookin to set up the march 11th party at avalon for the 18th birthday. Hit me up whoever can set me up. I'm expecting 30+ heads goin. All races.
  7. Where shall the party be?

    Ight, well everyone let me know where I can throw a birthday party at the weekend after March 7. I am approximating a huge guestlist. I also want to be able to make flyers if possible, but it's not a main concern. Let me know asap. Thanks. Please emial me [email protected]
  8. Where shall the party be?

    that flyer saids 21 for ladies, and 23 for men. Everyone there is gonna be a lot older than everyone I'm bringing. Unless that's not the flyer for avalon. But let me know. [email protected] is my email address.
  9. Alright everyone, here's the deal. I'm gonna be 18 on March 7 and I'm gonan throw a aprty, or not really necessarily a party but I'm going to get all my friends to go to a club. The only thing is, I don't kno which club would be best to throw it at. I know that I could gather about 40 people to head to the club. So anyone, feel free to throw suggestions and exactly where and how the club is. Let me know, and soon. Mainly people from queens will come thru. All ages and races. Spread the diversity. P.S. The party will most likely be held the weekend before or after March 7.