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  1. so are we going to have a live draft, or an autopick? i think the live draft is the way to fly, but i understand that getting everyone online at the same time for a live draft can be tuff. if we do the live draft, i think a weeknite or a sunday evening draft would probably be best. these yahoo drafts really run smoothly and only take up about an hour and a half. i mean, if some people cant do the whole draft, they can at least live pick their first few rounds and let the rankings take over from there.... damn, im pumped....baseball season is the shit...... how bout my redlegs tho? watch them make noise in the central!!!!! go buckeyes! troy smith forever, justin zwick nev, ehh, he aint so bad....
  2. dont use K's for offense. that doesnt make much sense, seeing as that its a pitchers category. striking out, essentially, can be the same as grounding out to first, or flying out to the infield. same result. offense should be H, HR, RBI, SB, AVG thats my 3 cents
  3. What up everyone? this is my first post and i have to admit i was damn happy to see so many sports fans on this site, as well as a fantasy baseball league. im in.... i think the scoring should be traditional head to head, 5x5....but whateva piece