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    why you so nosy that you gotta check out my profile?? get a life faggot
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    everywhere and nowhere
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    talking to my imaginary friends
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    pissing off as many people as possible
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    fuck that shit

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  1. that's why I never go to gyms....fuckin sausage fest I also hate people who stop dead on the entrance ramps on the northern state parkway....augh...fuckin idiots GAS PEDDLE IS ON THE RIGHT!!! I hate tourists too
  2. thanks for the advice....free drugs is always a plus too....lol and it definately helps that he's cute....fuck it
  3. I get jennifer aniston alot...but bigger boobs
  4. I hate people that talk really loud on their cellphones so that everyone can hear their conversation...like we really give a fuck or the cheese balls that blast their car stereos and ride with their windows open so people will look at them...get a life fags
  5. Requiem for a dream....Trainspotting....The Gift (perry farrell's flic) scarface is a classic
  6. Ok so.....I've known him for years and we've hung out before...he's more than just my dealer...I consider him a friend...but now he wants to get a room and fuck. I haven't had sex in a while and I'm moving to Georgia on monday....should I just say fuck it and get my groove on..I dunno....could be fun
  7. Under the Bridge...chili peppers....awesome song
  8. my god...what fuckin rock do you live under????
  9. yo spragg......wassup baby...had fun last night??
  10. yo...I heard about this through spragga.....tonight??? up in the 110's right? I'm gonna pm you...
  11. I haven't been on in a minute....so I decide to come back and check out the scene and WHOA!!!!! WTF????? Where the fuck is all the hot sex forum threads??? My drug board???? WHAT IS GOING ON????? someone please explain I'm lost
  12. what drug user hsan't been ripped off?? come on.....I did it a few times to a few idiots....I never let my money leave my hand til I see the product. even then, sometimes the shit was fake...the worst is buying crack and someone gives you sheetrock...augh
  13. I haven't used for alittle while...I only dib-n-dab now....I don't want a repeat of my past
  14. heroin and crack/cocaine....usually mix the two together.....I was using IV for 6 years....then started smoking too....whoa...that shit got real crazy real fast!!!!
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