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  1. JAMES ZABIELA @ PACHA | Fri 2/9

    I, for one was very dissapointed with Pacha on Fri. I travelled in from Ireland, not specifically for the gig. I've seen Zabiela play many times, and he was his usual self. Very technically gifted, but personally not my bag for dancing. I feel its hard to loose your self in the set, as he stops every tune to showcase his scratching/dj'ing skills. I have never been more disappointed in any club world wide. Without making a long story longer, I felt staff were rude, and clientelle mostly 'out of it' with no interest in or awareness of what was going on around them. I had four crack heads either side of me all night, and found it hard no matter where I moved to dance without being grabbed by randomers. I have clubbed for over 10 years all over the world, and say that one of Zabielas tracks on the night described the scene in Pacha on Friday. "The idiots are taking over"!
  2. This Weekend, wheres the best party?

    Cheers Gabe. You helped out last year too, and I met you at Sol, for Sneak. Still not sure, but might head to Zabiela. Think the DJ might be worth the venu. x
  3. Hey guys. Coming into town on Thurs for 4 nights. Big music fan, normally Techno, Electro, Tech house, etc. Been searching whats on. At the mo, it looks like Zabiela in Pacha. But I prefer smaller clubs, and a more undergound vibe. Can anyone suggest any good Techno nights locally?
  4. 9th/10th Feb, whats on?

    Hey Guys, Ill be in NY from 9th to 12th Feb from Ireland. I see Zabiela is in Pacha, and Satoshi Tomeii in Crobar on the 9th. Im musically into a smaller room more underground vibe, like techno, electro, tech house etc. Is there anything else on that weekend worth checking out? For the 2 other gigs, would I need advance tickets? Any one got any hook ups for guest list? Pretty please.......
  5. Feb 9/10

    Hey guys, Its my annual trip to NY again. I notice from your boards the last few months that the big room clubs seem to have gone quite mainstream/trance like. I do prefer a smaller/underground vibe. Anywhere noteworthy in the last year? Where is good these days to check out techno? I know its a little early but anyone got tips for anything on weekend of 9/10 Feb? Looking forward to your help as usual.
  6. DJ Sneak - Set times?

    Hey Guys, Anyone know the set times for Sneak on Friday at Sol?
  7. Feb 10/11?

    Sneak at Sol, now that sounds like my sort of night. I tried to email guestlist people at Sol but email addy on site gets bounced back. Anyone know a contact there for guestlist? Well it is my birthday.........
  8. Feb 10/11?

    Thats great guys thanks. Any chance of hooking up guestlist for either event?
  9. Feb 10/11?

    Hey guys, I will be in town Feb 10/11th, wondering if anyone knows who is playing where yet? I'm a house, techno, tech-house fan, underground or big room, so long as the dj is good. Any info appreciated.
  10. Dublin clubber visiting

    Hey guys, Im visiting NYC in Feb and wondering whats on the weekend of 10/11 February? Im into house/techno/tech etc, any info would be great.
  11. Advice Please for a visitor

    Thanks for the info guys. Ok so Ive only got 2 nights to really see Miami nightlife, what time do the different things get going? I hope to hit blue prob Fri. Sat not sure pre club? Any suggestions for bars etc? If I were to do Nocturnal and Space, what is the best time for both?
  12. Advice Please for a visitor

    Hey Guys, Im coming to Miami from Ireland for the weekend 6/3-5. Space had listed Roger Sanchez as playing the Sat night, but I see its now changed and listed as Cedric's B'day bash. Can anyone tell me who Cedric is? What sort of tunes does he spin? Is it worth a trip? Anything else on that Fri or Sat worth checking out? Thanks
  13. Locations?

    Hey Guys, I am visiting Miami in Early June and staying in south beach. I plan to go to space on the Sat night, and wonder how far away is that from sobe? What kind of bucks are we talking in a cab, and how long? Thanks for the help.
  14. Help for an Irish gal, please ;-)

    Thanks a mill guys, all sorts of stuff there,including offers! Few of those bars sound cool. Keep your eyes pealed for the Irish first weekend in June. Carmel
  15. Help for an Irish gal, please ;-)

    Cheers guys, great help there. Will definately check out Blue, and I'd love some other recomendations for bars, with or without D.J's, again something chill. Re, space/crobar on the sat, what times are best for both, what time would he headliner usually play in Space? What are the entrance fees for both? Thanks for the help.