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  1. CD Players

    well i get them for wholesale price so price isnt a big problem, but i heard that the technics scratch ability sounds really digital whereas the pioneers sound more real.
  2. CD Players

    I'm going to buy new cd players, but I am not sure which players I want more... 1. Technics SL-DZ1200 CD Turntable or 2. Pioneer CDJ im not sure which version i want though, either 1000 or mayb 2000... but they arent on the pioneer pro dj site ne more so i need some opinions....
  3. Favorite internet radio sites

    Energy Arziona - http://www.energyarizonafm.com/ Fusion Radio - http://www.fusionchicago.com/ PulsRadio - http://www.pulseradio.net/ Proton Radio - http://www.protonradio.com/ Add your opinions...
  4. March Tracks

    i got bennys new album it is siiick
  5. Music Site

    u dont have to put money in just yet, send sumthing that ur interested.
  6. Music Site

    I have seen a lot of talk about music around here but I have not seen many sites that people can use to download these mixes. Obviously there is iTunes and Napster but these sites barely provide songs for a DJ. I am a web designer from NY, and I DJ on the side, I have put together the script for a pay-per download mp3 site the only problem is that I need a server. Someone with a server to host the mp3's and site, or i need investors to support my idea. obviously whoever helps will make money in the long run. So heres the idea: 1. A site that offers all the hardest to find dance mixes. No more looking for the mix you need, or going to a record store far away to get it. 2. Cheap and instant downloads to compete with every1 else like 99 cents or so. 3. something to make this mp3 site different from every other (besides the fact that djs will call it home). No what it needs is a reseller program. a multi-tier affiliate program. Now if you don't know what that is i will explain. Basically, the site will have the basic 1st tier refer users to site and make money, but will also allow you to refer ppl under you from your own site. A special Java applet will be created for affiliate members to add a small code on their site and resell our mp3's. if your interested post below or PM me for ideas on where to get a server.