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  1. sot... Spin for sure. So many better things to see Wednesday, and the settimes for Spin looks the shizzle... 10:00 – 12:00 Bill Patrick 12:00 – 01:30 Infusion LIVE 01:30 – close Hernan Cattaneo I will be 'ing
  2. Yeah baby. After Phuture monday and the day party tues, will definitely be heading to Spin for Bill Patrick and Infusion!!!!!!!!!! hernan too i spose it's so close now you can almost tough it
  3. Prediction: Best Parties of 2005?!

    I'm with you there man - but the hook/city16 monday party is a tradition and there aint no fvcking with that.
  4. Prediction: Best Parties of 2005?!

    Yeah they will all be awesome! I wonder if p diddy will be back at crobar again this year for carl cox's night. So many good parties on this year
  5. T-shirts?

    they will prob be giving them away "here take this promo shirt"

    this one is from RA...
  7. Prediction: Best Parties of 2005?!

    haha yeah baby. : ) havent heard infusion live before cant wait for that one.
  8. What to do March 22nd on Tuesday?

    Yeah man, Leibing is playing at loads of parties during the conference - am going to go to the Hernan Cattaneo + Infusion LIVE + Bill Patrick @ Spin on the Tuesday. Should be a wicked party.
  9. these are my #1 choices for the conf so far i think... 22. TUES : RA feat Hernan Cattaneo (!!!) + Infusion at Spin 23. WED: Cooljunkie presents Circus Miami 05 By arrangement with ITB (Fatboy slim!!) 24. THURS: Made in Bed IV - Danny Howells (of course!!!) 25. FRI: Porterhouse at State 26. SAT: Yoshitoshi / Deep Dish + Danny at Space 27. SUN: Sasha + Diggers @ Ultra Afterparty! what are yours?!
  10. Poooooool Party!

    wicked man, definitely coming tot his one : )