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  1. MC XYZ presents BACK2BACK SESSION MIX VOL. VII aka “7â€: **DOWNLOAD CLICK HERE**:: http://www.mcxyz.com/music.htm DJ TITAN: http://www.myspace.com/DJTitan DJ SAYA: http://www.myspace.com/djsaya MC XYZ: http://www.myspace.com/mcxyz There are no superlatives to describe this 3 turntable (and I mean he uses all 3 decks to the max) mix by DJ TITAN!!! Words like “awesomeâ€, “spectacular†or “rinsin’†just seem like they would not do this mix justice, but they all could be thrown out there if I were lazy to do so. Simply put this is one of the best mixes I heard in my years of being into electronic music. I have no problem saying that as TITAN literally is dropping, teasing and mixing tunes at a rapid pace in equilibrium and in a unique way!!! I mean he freakin’ mixes AC/DC into his mix! There are many standout cuts on this mix such as “Moving Higher†by Contour (Muffler remix) , “Aliens†by Kool Keith (Subfocus remix) or “Gangstas†by Infiltrata and DJ Craze, but the true standout above the tunes is the DJn’ TITAN displays!!! It is truly truly about the way TITAN mixes everything together that gives this mix its power. From double drops, to teases, tricks and smooth mixes, TITAN uses each in balance to serve up something special. I apologize if this blurb was not in depth about what to expect from the mix, I just say give the mix a listen for a minute and see if it doesn’t hook you!!! Touching the b-side of the mix, DJ SAYA, brings us a mix of soulful/funky tunes from some of the forefront liquid funk/soul producers out there. Hailing from Honolulu, Hawaii, DJ SAYA’s first tune, “MIRAGE†by DJ Kalm & Citizen feat. Adam M sets the stage for the entire mix, by infusing drums, bass and funk. Relying on a number of tunes from the Hospital camp, SAYA gives smooth transitions to this upbeat funky mix. It is so refreshing to hear tunes use drums and bass as a skeleton model for structure, but also aren’t afraid to have hors, violins, flutes and other instruments make the body of the work. SAYA’s selection has it so each new tune stays in continuity with its predecessor, yet is unique unto itself. Other stand out songs on the mix such as “Sunny Side Up†by Shimon feat. Kimani, “Going Deaf†by DJ Marky and XRS and even the heavy amen laced yet almost dreamy “Butterfly In Silver†by Hawaii’s own Synergy, keeps the soul beating within this mix. From the super duper west coast to your ears, SAYA truly represents the Kona Longboard sippin’, wave riding, beach cruiser bike pedaling Hawaiian lifestyle all wrapped up in this funkdafied mix!!! DJ TITAN TRACKLISTING "GANGSTAS" | Infiltrata + DJ Craze | Unreleased **"CHAMPION SOUND" | Q Project | C.I.A.** **"BACK TO YOUR ROOTS" | Mr. L | Mr. L** "PAINT THE WALLS BLACK" | State of Mind | C.I.A. "ALIENS" | Dr. Octagon (Sub Focus Rmx) | Casual **"PLANET DUST" | Bad Company | Prototype** "SUBWAY" | Kryptic Minds + Leon Switch | Defcom Recordings "FAÇADE" | Noisia | Ram Records "GOLD DIGGER" | Kanye West (High Contrast Rmx) | Uknown **"BACK IN BLACK" | AC/DC** "SWAMP THING" | Sub Focus | Ram Records "MAN OF ALL SEASONS" | Concord Dawn | Uprising **"THE NINE" | Bad Company | BC Recordings** "STANDING ROOM ONLY" | Hive + Gridlok ft D Bridge, Break + Silent Witness | Violence **"THE MESSIAH" | Kemal + Rob Data | Renegade Hardware** "MOVING HIGHER" | Contour (Muffler Rmx) | Cymbalism "IN LOVE" | Jenna G ft Chase + Status | Bingo Beats **"BLACKOUT" | Logistics | Hospital Records** ** = Teases DJ SAYA TRACKLISTING "MIRAGE" | DJ Kalm & Citizen feat. Adam M | Hospital "MUSIC IS EVERYTHING" | High Contrast | Breakbeat Science "THE STRANGEST SECRET IN THE WORLD" | London Electricity | Hospital "BULLFIDDLE" | Tommy Knocker | Intercom "OBSESSION" | Q Project | Hospital "ROCK BABY" | Jagged Edge (Stress Level & TC1 Remix) | Liquid V "SUNNY SIDE UP" | Shimon | Ram Dubplate "GOING DEAF" | DJ Marky & XRS | Innerground "ANYONE ANYWHERE" | DJ Lee & D Kay | Advanced "SITUATIONS" | Makoto | Good Looking "BUTTERFLY IN SILVER" | Synrgy | Unsigned Pacific Jungle Dub ::Thanks:: JO-S (design): http://www.myspace.com/djjos DEVOE (studio time): http://www.myspace.com/mr_devoe FORTHCOMING BACK2BACK SESSIONS (THRU APRIL 2007), INFO! http://blog.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendID=2499300&blogID=100067017&MyToken=2348e21c-b21c-4b8a-a084-e4eff76db804 MIX ‘N’ SPIT MIX SERIES (COMING 2007), INFO! http://blog.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendID=2499300&blogID=185202916&MyToken=2348e21c-b21c-4b8a-a084-e4eff76db804 fin
  2. Jayvon, Drumz Clothing "Can't Be Stopped" mp3 mix available Drumz Clothing and Jayvon present: 1.Mental Sharp ft Photek - Farenheit 215 Generation Dub - Sub Zero 2.Dillinja - Electro Boogie Daft Punk - Technologic [Acapella] (Jayvon refix) 3.Fresh - X Project 4.Krafty Kuts & Tim Deluxe - Bass Phenomenon (Friction RMX) 5.Sub Focus - Airplane 6.Blame - Take Me Away 7.Hatiras - The Anthem (Kemal RMX) 8.Roni Size - Friends 9.Eksman ft Majistrate & Nicol - Blap Blap Blap 10.Hazard - Talk Like a Girl 11.Tommy Boy - Love and Happiness 12.Marky & XRS - Butterfly (Craggz & Parallel Forces RMX) 13.Dillinja - 96 Thing 14.Craze & Infiltrata - Gangstas 15.Hazard - All the Way 16.Crystal Clear - Killa 17.Cassie vs Chase & Status - Me & U (Jayvon Mashup) www.musicv2.com/artist/jayvon Jayvon has teamed up with Drumz Clothing to release 1,000 F-R-E-Epromotional CD's featuring the striking and grimey artwork by Respect L.A.'s talented in-house designer, The 3vil Six (www.myspace.com/the3vilsix) The 3vil Six These CD's can ONLY be found at the Drumz Clothing booth this year at Electric Daisy Carnival June 24th, and at Drumz / Detn8or and Jayvon's "Club Ice" event in Las Vegas June 29th! For those who cannot make it to either event, the CD will be available to download or stream from Jayvon's page on the NEW & REDESIGNED WWW.MUSICV2.COM/ARTIST/JAYVON website! As for content, expect Jayvon's signature dancefloor selection of driving, heavy, futuristic funk drum & bass assembled with his aggressive and technical style of mixing. Artists featured on the CD include Dillinja, Cassie, Daft Punk, Hatiras, DJ Fresh, Photek, Mental Sharp, Subfocus, Generation Dub, Chase & Status, Roni Size and many many more! Jayvon was recently voted "BEST K-Swiss DJ" by a national television audience for his performance in the K-Swiss Shoes "Battle DJ" TV advertisement, which appears on MTV, MTV2, ESPN, ESPN2, FOX SPORTS, BET and more! He has also currently wrapped up a national American tour in support of his "Electric" CD compilation (available through Jayvon or Drumz myspace pages!). 2006 has proven to be a great year for both Drumz and Jayvon. The Drumz "D" logo has mad an appearance on the backs of big dnb artists including Goldie, Technical Itch, Mental Sharp and others. This summer sees a joint collaboration with the Planet of the Drums crew in the creation of their 2006 POTD "SuperTour" T-Shirts, which are available to purchase at the Drumz booth or through their myspace page! www.myspace.com/drumzclothing www.myspace.com/jayvon www.myspace.com/the3vilsix also available to download at www.musicv2.com/artist/jayvon: Jayvon & XYZ "Self Tilted Untitled" Chad Hugo of the Neptunes with the mix:
  3. LINK TO MIX (Stream/DLoad): http://www.demostreams.com/app/ds/bio.cfm?userid=MC_XYZ DJ JO-S: http://www.myspace.com/djjos DJ NIGHTSTALKER: http://www.myspace.com/djnightstalker MC XYZ: http://www.myspace.com/mcxyz UPCOMING BACK2BACK SESSIONS: http://blog.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendID=2499300&blogID=100067017&MyToken=fcbfd4f9-4236-4001-bf44-3e263f9b976d The philosopher Aristotle once said, "If you would understand anything, observe its beginning and its development" and in this "Side A" mix DJ JO-S gives us a look back at the music called drum n bass. Almost in an ode to classics songs, classic styles and sub-genres within drum n bass, this mix begins with a touch of dancefloor nostalgia. The mix throughout continually develops as JO-S drops on us everything from classic tuneage from the likes of Bad Company to a very energetic Gorillaz remix to eventually and literally "dropping it down". Known for his ability to mix drum n bass with the technical approach that rivals house or trance DJs, listen closely as within the mixes Jo-S shows off his true blending skill. Keep it lock'd as DJ JO-S develops a whirlwind of 35 minutes of high stakes drum n bass! DJ NIGHTSTALKER blesses "Side B" with his true to form signature style on the decks, MAYHEM!!! From the first track to the last, this is a relentless mix not for the faint of heart. NIGHTSTALKER weaves dark aggressive emotional songs in a mix that at times will smack you right across your face or at others will send you in a moody state of drum n bass bliss. The flow and focus of this mix is pure brilliance as each mix keeps you on your toes and guessing, "where will this drop/mix go next". Top to bottom all the tracks are standouts, but on a personal note I must confess that the last track from Trust (Philly) is by far one of my top 10 drum n bass songs ever (get ready for the "sitar, breakdown, drop"). From the get-go be prepared for a full body contact, no blood no foul, mix from NIGHTSTALKER that delivers on all fronts! ::Up Now:: Back2Back Session Vol. 2 Back2Back Session Vol. 1 fin
  4. To Stream and/or Download: http://www.demostreams.com/?ID=MC_XYZ To See Home Page (with info on mix and other mixes): http://www.demostreams.com/app/ds/bio.cfm?userid=MC_XYZ Straight from the dancefloor to your ears, DJ SCOOBA delivers a 35 minute trip of “up-front†drum n bass on the “A†side of this CD. From start to finish there is no letting up and each mix (and tease which you’ll just have to listen for) is flawlessly delivered. For those familiar with seeing Scooba live, his trademarked style of spinning is also apparent as he gives us classic tunes intermixed with new material. Showing why in all circles he considered a true DJ vet within one of the best scenes in North America, and holds a position as a resident at Los Angeles’ (and one of the USA’s) longest running weeklies (Respect), get ready for a ride cause after the first drop it’s full throttle till the end! Side “B†of this mix sees one of Los Angeles’ fresh new faces, DJ MIYUKI, step into the ring only to knock your teeth from your grill with some of the hardest, ruffest tunes out! She may stand a mere 4’10, but this mix will chop even the roughest of ruffnecks down to size. The beauty of the mix is her movement from Ragga Jungle into just hard-step drum n bass! Relentlessly attacking with tunes with basslines that continually shift and drums that are at times intensely frantic, Miyuki’s blend of all of this makes for a heavy hitting mix. Dropping tunes from the likes of Capital J, Gein, Kryptic Minds, Leon Switch and CRS? to name a few, if you like it rough, dark and hard, then sit back, in a sense “relax†and enjoy… Be sure to check the end of the mix for a “bonus†rap from MC XYZ also and other mixes on his player mixed by him!!! DJ SCOOBA: http://www.myspace.com/scoobadj DJ MIYUKI: http://www.myspace.com/miyuki_dj MC XYZ: http://www.myspace.com/mcxyz http://demostreams.com http://demostreams.com/forum/index.php http://incognitoagency.com
  5. MUSICV2.COM presents the new self titled mixed CD by DJ JAYVON and MC XYZ: LINK TO THE MIX FOR BOOKING INFORMATION PLEASE CONTACT: LIL DYNAMO @ [email protected]
  6. RAPTURE VIDEO LINK This footage was taken from JAYVON and MC XYZ's performance at the Rapture on May 6, 2005 located in San Diego. They sub-headlined for Planet of Drums and a crowd well over 1,000 drum n bass heads was in attendance. Lookout for future performances and projects from the two including a forthcoming "Enhanced CD" featuring a mix as well as additional footage from shows, their travels and more..... JAYVON MC XYZ MORE MIXES ***For booking or more information please contact Lil Dynamo @ [email protected] *Please note (besides the sound from the introduction) the footage is different clips from their hour set with a short mix of music put on top of the video images/footage*
  7. Here is a new live mix from EMPIRE X and KENSI. EMPIRE X & KENSI::LIVE MIX 05 1. Mumblz & Basis – Cold Blooded 2. Spor – Brick Beats 3. Keaton & Hive – No Hope 4. D kay – Martians pt. 2 5. Dylan & Bkey – The Whorror 6. Audio & Illusive – Vader 7. Trust – Saigon 8. Hive – Krush 9. Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch – Suicide Note 10. Ewun – The Divide 11. Empire X – Blood Train -- (unmastered) 12. Loxy & Keaton – Haters (Hive Remix) 13. Limewax – Eyes Of Evil 14. Enduser – Assembly 15. Counterstrike – Body Bag 16. Ed Rush & Optical – Bacteria (Pendulum Remix) 17. Gridlok – Heatwave 18. Bkey – The Test 19. Vector Burn – Paradise Lost (D Star Remix) DOWNLOAD STREAM Links to artists: EMPIRE X'S MYSPACE (EMPIRE X A.K.A SPYDER) FREAK/OBSCENE RECORDINGS TECHNORGANIC U.S/EAST COAST DNB TROOPERZ/KINDLE PRODUCTIONS KENSI'S MYSPACE TECHNORGANIC U.S/EAST COAST DNB TROOPERZ/KINDLE PRODUCTIONS Related Websites: www.freak-recordings.com www.technorganicrecordings.com www.eastcoastdnbtrooperz.net www.demostreams.com
  8. Not what you think ... an all-XXX (the imprint) mix... NIGHTSTALKER :: XXX ALL-STARZ 1. FACS + SCYTHE + BKEY – MINDSPLINTER 2. FON – PAVLOVA 3. FACS – CAZMZ (DYLAN RMX) 4. LE LUTIN + K FRA – CRASH 5. FACS – STARK 6. FACS + FACS + BKEY – ASTAROTH 7. FACS – CAPTURE 8. FACS + BKEY – TECHNOTIC 9. LE LUTIN + 3K – ANDROMEDIA 10. MISSION CONTROL + TEKNO DRED – WARPATH (DYLAN RMX) 11. BKEY – CAPACITOR RMX 12. BKEY + DJ E – BATTLECRY 13. LE LUTIN + K FRA – VOIX 14. FACS + SCYTHE + BKEY – TANTRUM 15. BKEY – DIMENXIONX 16. FON – MEATHOOK 17. LE LUTIN + 3K – OCTOPUS DOWNLOAD(53.4 MB: http://www.djnightstalker.com/sound/NStalker_XXX.mp3 STREAM: http://www.djnightstalker.com/sound/XXX.mp3.m3u Enjoy! www.djnightstalker.com here is a link to nightstalker's interview this month on sickboy magazine: http://www.sickboyproductions.com/magazine/music/features/nightstalker.html
  9. Nightstalker :: Bloodlust

    NIGHTSTALKER :: BLOODLUST some of that deep, dark, dirty, funky, old and new-school biz ... Chris.SU :: Solaris Theme :: Subtitles Amit :: Motherland :: Commercial Suicide Break :: Submerged :: Subtitles Ed Rush & Optical :: Sick Note :: Virus Cause 4 Concern :: Research :: Renegade Hardware Bill Laswell vs. Submerged :: Summary Execution (Corrupt Souls rmx) :: Ohm Resistance Ono Sendai :: React :: Precision Seba :: Breaks Selection :: Combination Teebee & Form :: Shape #1 :: Subtitles Pacific :: Crippled :: Soundtrax Pacific :: Auto Funk :: Rehab Tactile :: Aladabra :: Dispatch Digital feat. Irie J. :: No More Violence :: Function Calyx & OB1 :: Headhunter :: Metalheadz The Vagrant :: Hydro :: Fuze Matrix :: Sleepwalk:: Virus Mindmachine :: Paranoia :: Outbreak Ltd. Ed Rush + Optical :: Crash :: Virus Noisia :: Hubcap :: Subtitles K.O.T.P. :: Android :: 720 degrees C4C :: Seawolf :: C4C Kemal & Black Sun Empire :: Stranded :: Obsessions DOWNLOAD STREAM NIGHTSTALKER: http://www.myspace.com/djnightstalker
  10. Jayvon & MC XYZ Present H.N.I.C. http://www.musicv2.com/artist/jayvon Tracklisting (>>>> denote teases) 1.intro 2.subfocus-x ray [ram] >>>>adam freeland-we want your soul(ed rush & optical rmx) [freeland] 3.dillinja-thugged out bitch (adam f & fresh rmx) [valve] 4.top buzz-living in darkness (phantasy & shodan rmx) [basement classics] >>>>krs one-step into a world (the rapture) 5.twisted individual-rusty sheriffs badge [reformed] 6.distorted minds ft skibadee-stay focused [breakbeat kaos/dsr] 7.moving fusion-in the beginning [ram] 8.zinc ft mc eskman-drive by car [bingo] 9.baron ft fresh-supernature [breakbeat koas] 10.terror squad ft lil jon-lean back (friction rmx) [white label] 11.crystal clear ft dennean-release [heavy rotation] 12.dillinja-in the grind vip [valve] >>>>shy fx ft uk apache-original nuttah 13.future prophecies-dreadlock [breakbeat kaos] 14.fresh-capture the flag [ram] 15.mr l-back to your roots 16.baron-shakedown [breakbeat kaos] 17.phantasy & shodan ft uk apache-u say i say [easy] 18.rascal & klone-wildcard (nu balance & noetic rmx) [transparent] 19.blame-tomahawk [charge] 20.drumsound & simon "bassline" smith-underworld [technique] 21.chase & status-hoodrat vip [habit] >>>>wu tang-c.r.e.a.m. [loud] 22.total science ft lamont-going in circles [c.i.a.] 23.drumsound & simon "bassline" smith-crossfire (danger) [technique] >>>>distorted minds-t minus 10 [kaos] 24.dsf vs delerium-silence rmx [white label] >>>>dillinja-hands in the air
  11. Brilliant! [04.22.05]

    45PSI & MERGE PROUDLY PRESENT BRILLIANT! FRIDAY. APRIL 22ND. 2005 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ MAIN ROOM SOULFUL DRUM 'N' BASS LTJ BUKEM & MC CONRAD PROGRESSION SESSIONS 2005 TOUR REID SPEED & AUDIO ANGEL THE HOOK (DJ MELICIOUS & DEVOE ON SAX) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ROOM 2 DEEP SULTRY HOUSE DJ'S TBA ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 'CANES 3105 OCEANFRONT WALK SAN DIEGO. CA 92108 858.488.1780 FRIDAY. APRIL 22. 2005 21+ W/ VALID ID 9PM-2AM $15 IN ADVANCE $20 AT THE DOOR BUY YOUR TICKETS NOW! http://www.*************.com/ordersystem/Groove/eventviewqb.asp?AffilID=93&EventsID=15497&PGname=45PSI+MUSIC
  12. 45PSI PROUDLY PRESENTS THE RAPTURE DRUM 'N' BASS MASSIVE FRIDAY. MAY 6. 2005 DRUM 'N' BASS ARENA -- PLANET OF THE DRUMS Performing a Special 3-4 Hour Tag Team Set *DIESELBOY [POTD. HUMAN. PLATINUM. PHILLY] *AK1200 [POTD. RUN RECORDINGS. FL] *DARA [POTD. BREAKBEAT SCIENCE. NYC] *MC MESSINIAN [POTD. HUMAN. PLATINUM. PHILLY] -- Coming off of a smashing set at The Rapture from February and back by popular demand! JAYVON [THE RAPTURE. TEMPLE OF BOOM. URB. BLUEBEAT. LA] -- JASON [DEEP. CSL. SD] -- AMPERES [45PSI. SD] ALSO FEATURING: MC DINO [uRBAN ABORIGINEE. BASSRUSH. LA] -- MC XYZ [THE RAPTURE. 45PSI. OUTLOOK SKATE. LA] BREAKBEAT ASYLUM -- JEN LASHER [00BLISS.COM. DC] -- NIGHTSTALKER [KNOWLEDGE MAG. 45PSI. LA] -- D-STRO [DETOURSD. N-MOTION. SD] -- JOLT [uNITED RECORDS. B.B.P. SD] DOWNBEAT DEN & HOOKAH LOUNGE -- SPECIAL GUEST DJ'S TBA SOON! -- There will be a MASSIVE *OUTDOOR - SMOKING area with oversized pillows for your lounging pleasure. Hookahs will be available for purchase and there will also be a bar for your convenience. There will be DJ’s spinning downtempo, trip hop, acid jazz and dub until 1am. If thats's not enough for you just wait till you see the live paintings we have commissioned especially for this event. Bring your checkbook cuz these pieces are so dope you may want to buy one on the spot! B-BOY/B-GIRL EXHIBITIONS BY -- PANDORA [ABM. THE RAPTURE. LA] -- PREYING MANTAS [HIP HOP CONGRESS. THE RAPTURE. LA] -- MISTA MAXX [45PSI. FIRST NAME BASIS. TEMPLE EFFECTIVES. LA] -- NYKON [FRANCO SHADE. 45PSI. LA] *TURBO SOUND & INTELLIGENT LIGHTING BY PRO SYSTEMS* *NEWLY IMPROVED VENUE* THE CRYSTAL BALLROOM 414 N MAGNOLIA AVE. EL CAJON. CA 92020 18+ EVENT WITH 3 FULL BARS EVERYONE MUST PRESENT VALID ID BEGINS AT 9PM * ENDS AT 3AM HTTP://45PSI.NET for more info MORE INFO TBA SOON! Just a few pics from previous 'Rapture' parties... ALL PHOTOS BY DAVID VILLAVICENCIO OF 420UNITY.COM CLICK HERE FOR GENERAL ADMISSION TICKETS CLICK HERE FOR VIP TICKETS
  13. CD ("H.N.I.C.") LINK (there is an instrumental version and the verions with MC XYZ available for stream and/or download): http://www.musicv2.com/artist/jayvon JAYVON:http://www.myspace.com/jayvon MC XYZ:http://www.myspace.com/mcxyz Booking Inquiries:[email protected] ***Jayvon and MC XYZ strike again off of their strong performance on "TWIX: 2 N*GGAS IN THE MIX" CD to collaborate on this new mix. This time backed by 45PSI and The Rapture (one of the country's largest drum n bass promoters), "H.N.I.C." (Head N*ggas In Charge) is a sure fire drum n bass mixxed CD backed by intelligent/clever lyrics. With over a 1,000+ of the mix being pressed and serving as a CD flier for the upcoming Rapture event on May 6 (feat. Planet of The Drumz, Jayvon -w- XYZ [both back by popular demand off their last performance @ The Rapture] and more), Jayvon and XYZ craft'd an excellent mix of upfront drum n bass!*** JAYVON:http://www.myspace.com/jayvon MC XYZ:http://www.myspace.com/mcxyz Booking Inquiries:[email protected] ***Note: If you are interested in getting a CD of only MC XYZ's vocals (ie. acapellas) from this mix please contact him at the website above. ::The Pics From The Last Rapture (courtesy of Dave Villa @ 420unity.com):: **Jayvon: Temple of Boom, URB Magazine, 45PSI/The Rapture, Bluebeat** **MC XYZ: 45PSI/The Rapture, Outlook Skateboards (www.outlookskates.com), PM Dark Productions (AZ), DC.DF**

    yes yes yes....please make sure to check out jayvon and xyz...and i will keep you posted for sure!