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  1. Seeking "St Luke" Tavern/Cheetah

    Guess this guy fell off the planet.
  2. Home Saturday 4/8?

    There was dancing, but not really a dancefloor per se. Although there seemed to be a small area that could have been considered a dancefloor...All I know is that the DJ was trying to mix 80 & 90's pop music and wasn't really that good at. He would play a song for like 30 seconds and then jump to something else totally different, it was really hard to dance to. Mostly there was a lot of drunk people tripping over the tables as they danced.
  3. Home Saturday 4/8?

    Hey Silverbull, Looks like your party was a hit. We almost ended up there but your line was half a block long...and it was raining. The girls didn't want to get wet. We were coming from Ray's pizza but ended up at some hole in the wall, Martignettis? Another block or so down since there was no line. I think that was the name. Anyway, now that I see your response I wish i had made them go check out your party! BTW Home was totally sketchy. We paid good money for 3 bottles to get a table and the staff pretty much treated us like dirt. Except for the cleaning guy who kept coming to clean up the tables. Maybe I caught it on an off night, but that place was nothing to write home about and the music was awful. Next time I am in town I will def check out whatever you might be promoting.
  4. Home Saturday 4/8?

    Hey thanks Silverbull. We are actually arriving in town from Boston Friday night and were just going to wing it on a place to go. Maybe we will check out your party. none of these beantowners know what NYC can be like so chill is probably the way to go. i am the only one who has lived in NYC and knows what it can be like...and i love it by the way, and miss it. Bean town almost everything closes at 2 AM.
  5. Home Saturday 4/8?

    Been out of the city for 8 years. Bring a dozen girls from Boston here for bachelorette party...Someone suggested home...is it any good? We all just want to dance and roll for the night.
  6. Saturday 4/8?

    Whats going to be hot on Saturday 4/8...haven't been to NYC since I moved to Boston 8 years ago. Haven't a clue whats hot now. Bringing 6 friends for a bachelorette party. Someone suggested Home? Any opinions?
  7. Seeking "St Luke" Tavern/Cheetah

    Just curious what you think this funny?
  8. Looking for promoter that went by St Luke....Any info appreciated! Used to promote Cheetah...not sure where to find him. Need to reconnect. Ivy/Envy