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  1. UFC's Quinton Jackson

    Cosmic, When I was in Brazil I trained at Chute. Hardcore...they took it (real) easy on me cause I was an american. Have some great pics with Wanderlei..so nice..till he gets in the ring...lol. You are 100% correct on Fedor...scary family Peace...Tony
  2. UFC's Quinton Jackson

    Correct..he is Pride. I would love to see him OWN in UFC though. I truly thought he would beat Silva but man The Axe Murderer is something else. Really nice guy. Doesnt curse as much since he became religious...used to crack me up back then.
  3. New Years Eve At Studio 9 !!!!!!!

    So let me get this straight..Out of 71 pictures you found four pics of people that you deem to be unattractive? The club had well over a thousand people in it and you point out that 10 people dont look good to you?? If you are saying that there were a thousand ugly people in there then your stupidity is overwhelming. Dude, are you for real??
  4. I am sorry you had a bad time and had to bring in the new year unhappy. That night was a success. We were at capacity and I was out of my mind busy. The people all around my bar were having a blast and did not want to leave.
  5. 3rdflapartment..I hope to aspire to your level of relevancy one day Here I am enjoying my morning cup of coffee, checking my email, minding my own business and I am being called useless. Let me get one thing straight. I have no problem with someone not having a good time at the club, because not every club is for everyone. That is why there is competition. It is a simple matter of supply and demand. I find a need to post when there is obvious biased bashing that has no merit and is purely vindictive. If you read my posts you will see I try to answer in an honest manner and be productive. I stopped posting being nobody presents any decent points....got boring. If I had the time or desire I would research who the "Studio 9 Attack Team" is and then list them.....I can also bet that many of those people are on the rah rah team for other clubs. Respectfully, AV PS...dont piss of 5qtpies...trust me....LOL
  6. Jonathan Peters @ Studio 9 Thursday, July 14

    You obviously seem to be very well informed that S9 will be closing very shortly. What are your sources?
  7. Jonathan Peters @ Studio 9 Thursday, July 14

    Exactly! It will be a slammin time for all involved which is the bottom line. It is comical how this thread was an informative one letting all know of our coming event which we are excited about and here is a sample of the responses: "Jp is a crackhead" "Sound system sucks" *yawn* "they cant afford him" "S9 sucks" LMFAO! I am looking forward to working the event and hearing JP....I am sure I am not alone. Hate away....
  8. Last Saturday @ Studio 9

    YES!!! I DO work there. However...that does not take away from the fact that it was a GREAT NIGHT! Respectfully, AV
  9. Last Saturday @ Studio 9

    If you were in the cage in front of my bar (VIP). All I want to say is "thank you"..lol.
  10. Last Saturday @ Studio 9

    I am not looking to get into an internet war (too busy for that)...but... I was just posting as to what I great night it was, the vibe was great and the music was also great. The floor was packed until closing. I dont know why we are going down this road already of all that is supposedly wrong with the club. What night were you there? There have been modifications made to the sound system, but that was about 2-3 weeks ago...so I am curious. What made you say that Ojeda was not appreciated?? I dont ever recall being in a club where it was a bit hard to have a conversation. Dance, have a good time, get your digits and have your deep conversations over dinner. Oh, and arent all clubs pick up joints? Saturday was so much fun that I felt like posting about it. The VIBE WAS GREAT. I laughed to myself because I knew it would take only a couple of replies to get into "glorified this and that". I appreciate your honesty in relaying your feelings, but that does not make it fact. Respectfully...AV
  11. Last Saturday @ Studio 9

    I will not be there this friday but be sure to visit my partner in crime 5qtpies at the VIP bar and say "hello". She also posted the info for fridays party. Should be a very unique evening..LOL.
  12. What a sick party!!! Well over 1,000 people in there. we had a circus theme with performers all over the club and on stage doing some crazy stuff...too cool. I would also like to formally thank the owners for hanging the ceiling cage with the lovely dancing girls in front of my VIP bar. It made it VERY hard to concentrate on drink orders! There was a great vibe in there, music was great! If anyone on this board was there I would love to hear your thoughts on the evening.
  13. C'mon Studio 9

    In speaking with the owners the sound sysytem has been amped up. More juice, more bass and some modifications in placement. I will have my ear plugs handy!
  14. C'mon Studio 9

    Exactly! I saw them with MY OWN EYES at S9. Respect is a two way street!! I am one of the "glorified" bartenders as mentioned in the previous posts...and by the way I am still trying to figure out what the hell that is supposed to mean (?)
  15. Thursday, March [email protected] 9

    nope..no joke..K7 will be at Studio NINE tonight