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  1. Mansun - wide open space
  2. Surf Club Tonight 7/8/05

    Thanks for the reply everyone but i ended up going to surf and it was mobbed. a band special sauce was there. they were ok... the place was a mad house. surf rules joey jr. great job with the bands on friday bring back les zeppelin = the all girls led zeppelin cover band. they rock
  3. Yves Deruyter - Feel Free = what an awesome track great choice Let your mind be free and the rest will follow the cynth solo in the track is sick especially on the build up excellent selection.
  4. Nice List BBE - Seven Days One Week (Ferry Corsten Rmx) great track, great memories
  5. Does anyone know what the deal is tonight at Surf? Or what is gonna be good tonight down the shore? Thanks
  6. Roger S. tempts review

    Yeah Roger was definitly on point. It was really comfortable at tempts. Great crowd... no jumpers... Just straight up funky house. Good Job R3 Ventures,Tempts Management. Seaside is on the music circuit map. Thanks to R3 Ventures At this rate next year will have Danny Howells, Sander K. and DJ Vibe and maybee Steve Lawler. What a release!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Song Of The Summer 2005??

    Just a matter of opinion if you can check out this track Sneaker Pimps – Post Modern Sleaze (Salt City Mix) from 97 It's on Danny Howells Global Underground Miami GU.27 sICK just straight up dirty sleazy grinding house at it's best This track is the remedy for house music in New Jersey. I think the only DJ that would play this track would be Richie Santana. So I'll be @ Tempts on Sat for viva espana w/Pablo C & R. Santana Please do the right thing and play this track. Thanks God Bless
  8. nah that's cool stiffy..iam sure he will comp you for [email protected] space hehehe.. i understand...the only thing i don't like is when denny is dropping a banging track it's great but then he will put on some ktu cheese that kills it. Tell the truth ain't it better when you hear a banging track being drop, but then when cheese comes in that sucks.
  9. my bad saleen i didn't mean to jump down your throat I understand what your saying.... but come on i think Denny can get gigs overseas like in ibiza, england, spain etc...but if he continues to play ktu cheese crap that's no good i know he doesn't play it all nite but he'll drop 3-4 tracks of cheese a nite with them bitch vocals and cheezy horns. what a dj has to understand is that the people want to learn and hear new banging tracks not crap they hear on the way to work on the radio. It's like one minute he's blowing your mind away with a great track then he goes into some form of cheese.
  10. Listen Don King Saleen you keep degrading Denny T are you sure you are his agent. So your saying that if Denny drops a deep, dark,and dirty track at Space he will get kicked off the decks well my brother you just answered my question. Denny should be able to play what he wants if he's a superstar DJ like every steriod meathead and trailer park trash bimbos claims so but by your misrepresentation, your telling me he's a NJ small time has been. I CAN'T BELEIVE DENNY T DROPPED THAT TRACK @ SPACE "DO IT AGAIN" HELL HE MIGHT AS WELL SHOULD OF DROPPED THE YMCA ALL NITE. KEEP OF THE CHEESE YOU HAS BEENS....
  11. Portugal Day Festival June 11,12

    Is fuel open fri after hours or is everyone going to armin van burin @ spirt?
  12. Nice where at Axoim Studios off of south st. on jefferson st.
  13. Isn't the US capital of house Chicago wasn't that where house was born. Or maybee Detroit I not sure about which city. I know Portugal is the house capital of the world. Miami I think is the queer capital. Too many adam & steves there. Sick I wish Denny all the best and I am happy that he still doing his thing. God Bless .... I had alot of great times when i saw him. I like it when he plays deep house not that commerical 103.5 KTU crap that I call cheese horns and sythns..please don't play tim rex's relentless or razor and guido's do it again that's like 7 years old. Just play deep and dark.
  14. Hernan Cattaneo is on another level definitly remarkable
  15. Yeah definitly Tony H Zanzibar back in the day It made #5 of best clubs of all time in dj mag list tony H was the resident there