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  1. Draper & Asta @ Avalon, Fri 6/24

    Asta definately was....He should get drapers spot...All draper does is give me a headache
  2. What Time At Crobar?

    what time does crobar close
  3. Avalon Marco V Review

    Marco V and Asta killed it. Marco V played his mix of bang bang and the place went nuts.also club game the askew Any one have track id's for the first few tracks asta played. also around 5:30 he dropped some track with the elements accapella-
  4. Ultra Music Fest In Nyc??

    Remix hotel is hosting an event in Ny. They had it last year too i thinkclick here
  5. Taner K @ Spiderclub Friday 18th

    what does he play
  6. Draper...most Underrated Dj In Nyc

    The younger dj's are keeping avalon alive...vocals progressive and tribal...draper still plays stuff like blow the speakers....
  7. Taner K @ Spiderclub Friday 18th

    Ill Definately Be There
  8. Avalon Review

    The iparty was great!!! Kevin Osha the opening dj played some great funky house music It was a great vibe to start off the night, then chris Asta played some awesome house and tribal. definately looking forward to next event