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  1. Sasha @ Webster Hall REVIEWS

    Yeah, everyone was just standing there looking at Sasha and not dancing. Nothing like his Fundacion parties at Crobar, some of which were insanely good (the last one with Sandra Collins was one of the best sets I've ever heard). Webster Hall is a beautiful old club, and I can imagine a good night there with a different crowd, but the crowd they draw sucks to say the least.
  2. Roseland Ballroom

    I saw an Orb concert at the Roseland in 1995 and thought the place was great - especially the large basement with the low ceiling. Is this place still good for electronica events? What should I expect the PVD party to be like there? Will there be DJs in the basement?
  3. Sasha @ Webster Hall REVIEWS

    Sasha had a mediocre night - he looked bored and his music was good but not great. The crowd also sucked. No energy at all. The best part of the night was Spooky who were really good.
  4. Desyn Masiello anyone?

    Who's going to this?
  5. Body & SOUL This Sunday @ Mezmor

    This was my first B&S party and I finally understand why people love it. It was probably the best vibe, dancing energy and mix of people I've ever seen.
  6. PS1 lineup

    looks like the lineup is out: http://www.bouncefm.com/forum/index.php?topic=600.msg702#msg702 Never heard of most of these artists. I hope they're good.
  7. cielo/deep space last night

    FK is the white dude.
  8. whats good the weekend of the 21st?

    Trance: Friday: Ferry Corsten - Pacha Saturday: Christopher Lawrence - Webster Hall
  9. Does Webster Hall suck?

    I know it has a really bad rep and I've never been, but lately they've been bringing really good talent (Hybrid, Sandra Collins, Christopher Lawrence). Is the club worth going to if the DJ is good?
  10. Why does everywhere suck?

    Check out Stereo. I went on Saturday and after about 6am it had a great vibe going on.
  11. You're right, I just went straight to the "events" page. Thanks. Anyone know about Stereo?
  12. No, Sully doesn't. The only event they list for January is January 13. I want to know about January 6.
  13. Anyone know? Their websites don't list anything.
  14. Anyone know? Their websites don't list anything.
  15. Club Icon?

    Can anyone tell me anything about this club? Is it any good?