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  2. Paris Burning: How Empires End

    i believe he was making fun of the way southerners speak in general (as I recall he himself is a minority). Also, he did not imply finances were based on skin color but on incompetance. His mention of race was merely to show how silly the idea of the lack of response time being connected to racism is. Wrong again. Not unusual.
  3. Paris Burning: How Empires End

    sure. Nice rebuttal! last I recall, you guys were pulling the race card on this issue. Shame on you.
  4. Richie Hawtin Live @ Big City Beats 10-13-05

    for the past whole year this whole messageboard has been about inside jokes. dont try to play dumb now..even though it comes natural to you.
  5. song id played by roger sanchez

    PM rayrays69 He's great at Id'ing tunes.
  6. tiesto sold out 11/26

    tiesto sold out a long time ago.. lost the hunger he had
  7. Richie Hawtin Live @ Big City Beats 10-13-05

    thanks for butting in again when you werent invited and henceforth fail to comprehend any inside jokes between the involved parties way to make yourself look like more the retard that you really are
  8. Track ID

    :laugh: you are such an immature internet geek -headpusherheadpushers69
  9. Psp

    please go away again
  10. Paris Burning: How Empires End

    sorry you werent that clear.. anyway.. go fuck yourself peder ok im out of this thread before that retard elevatedflow starts posting on it and drops the intelligence level below the 5th grade mark.
  11. Mark Farina // Generation Mix 9 // 2005

    get your own music leecher
  12. Paris Burning: How Empires End

    no where in your initial response were you speakin of social changes in the 60s or 70s..you just said the country was better back then... regardless of how much you read you cant say that unless you lived during the times and experienced things first hand