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  1. Club Rio

    Ok, so I've been to Bikini's at the Rio on New Years Eve a couple years back. What a cheesy, pathetic place, especially considering we bought so-called "vip tickets" on ebay and was still charged $100 for me and my bf to get in. Anyways, I was on the website for Club Rio and I was able to get free tickets for this friday. How is this club? Is it similar to Bikini's? What type of crowd and music should we be expecting? Any comment is appreciated!!!
  2. 6 days to go!

    Wow nice! We're cheap skates and refuse to pay hundreds of dollars just for a weekend We're staying at the Boardwalk, it was decent last time and a great deal! What clubs are you going to that weekend?
  3. 6 days to go!

    Hey Im arriving in Vegas on the 24th too! Where are you staying at? MR VEGAS, are you guys expecting a huge amount of people for Spring Break this week?
  4. Hi everyone, Im new to this forum and I havent really seen anything about clubs that play something other than hip hop and top 40. Most places are more lounge like right? Anyone know of ANY place that plays D&B? Thanks