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  1. Is Georgie a Good Bartender

    George is horrible bartender and an absolute prick. I have been never been on this site before but was told by a friend that there was a post about this jackoff. Last Friday I went to Studio 4 with some friends. It was my turn to buy a round of drinks so I went to the nearest bar which happened to be George's. I waited patiently as George served people who had already been waiting. After waiting 15 minutes George began serving people who just walked up to the bar. There were people standing next to me (who had been waiting for all of a minute) who were served before me. Finally I asked him politely for 4 beers. He nodded. Another prick walked up to the bar and George served him. I asked him once more...could I please have 4 beers. He again nodded. Once again another prick walked up to the bar and was served. Hey George does this sound familiar? Maybe I can refresh your memory Immediately some big fat fuck with spiked hair and a black shirt grabbed my arm and waved down a bouncer and I was escorted out of the bar. George had me kicked out because I gave him the finger. What a fucking pussy!!! I wasn't even drunk when this happened. I spoke to the manager of Studio 4 and explained the situation. Two bouncers told me that George was an "asshole." You must feel real important George? All you are is a bartender and that's all you'll ever be. You C sucker!!! By the way...if that big fat fuck is reading this go eat a another Whammy burger you fat bastard and wash it down with a Choco Wham shake.