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  1. Crobar sat 4/9

    are there any valid guestlists for Crobar this saturday (4/9)? if so, could someone point me to them? valid as in: if i sign up, the bouncer won't act stupid and pretend he never heard of such a guestlist.
  2. Adios Terri Schiavo!

    fuck that! right wingers are the only saving grace for this country. plans for bettering this place don't have to have hidden tax-and-spend agendas built in. john kerry would have practically allowed saddam to continue and just sent everyone back home instead of hunting bin laden. the people spoke in november. it's obvious the left is losing their credibility (especially thinking that edwards or hillary have a chance to be president), all the left wing media is doing is repeatedly shooting themselves in the foot, and all they can do is threaten.
  3. casual?

    well that's disappointing. don't feel like putting on a tie to go to a club.
  4. casual?

    ok, i'm OBVIOUSLY not a regular clubber, so i guess i wouldn't know. i'm going out for my birthday saturday night, to clubs obviously. what does "casual" or "upscale and trendy" attire mean? does it mean like suit? dockers(etc) and button up, jeans, button up, (or t) and shoes or what? i don't want to interpret it wrong and look out of place. i'm not looking for a real dressy type place, but i'm not gonna dress like a slob. i have no intention of wearing sneakers, or ripped jeans, but i would like to go somewhere where i can say wear a button up, nice jeans and like black leather shoes (like sketchers).
  5. i obviously can't hear radio 1 except on the web, BUT i could for example record KTU's dance factory live off the air. i got an ATI video card that does: dual VGA, (can also power an HD set with an adapter on VGA2), got TV tuner, AND FM tuner built in. also software to record on the fly to 224kbps mp3. of course that card costs $200. but i went all out when i just bought my new computer.
  6. April 2nd in hoboken

    what's going on? already got plans to go to lana lounge that night. just don't mention bahama mamas. i HATE that place. it's not really a club, even shoing up appropriate, the staff are jerks, and the crowd is too dress-down. so, anything big going on at lana or otherwise in HBK that night? that and is there any guestlist for lana?